Damaging Reports Eclipse West Vancouver Police Chief Retirement

The West Vancouver police department made an important announcement on Monday, as its chief revealed its plan to retire soon. Chief Const. Peter Lepine has served the West Vancouver police department for almost more than five years, but now after an era of him making decision in the top position, he revealed his plans to retire in September.

Interestingly, the timing of his retirement announcement were on the same day when a news source revealed an employee survey from 2013 that illustrates a bad image of the department. The Mayor of Vancouver, Michael Smith, who also chairs the city’s police board, mentioned in reference to the news that “inappropriate activity clearly has happened,” and alleged that “I can’t deny it. You have the facts and I have the facts. I can make sure it doesn’t happen again, and I can make sure the senior managers that we have in place will treat employees the way I want them to be treated.”

However, in a separate letter to his employees, Lepine straightforwardly refuted claims that the news had anything to do with his decision to retire after 35 years as a police officer. He mentioned elaborately that “I know that there will be many who will attempt to link this decision and my note to you today to a news article that has appeared in the News regarding our employment engagement survey and the anonymous comments regarding harassment in the workplace.” Additionally, the letter posted on the force’s website says that “from a timing perspective, it is unfortunate that this message and the article are out at the same time, however I have no control over this despite what some will think.”

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