Wynne Refuses to Kneel to Horwath’s Pressure

Despite unambiguous threats to trigger a spring election, Premier Kathleen Wynne has decided not to kneel to the pressure and openly refused to step down from NDP Leader Andrea Horwath’s demand that the budget not impose new taxes, tolls or fees. MPPs returned to Queen’s Park on Tuesday after a 10-week break, and Wynne took the time to restate the ambitions of her minority governments’ plans to fund transit through unspecified “revenue tools.”

Wynne informed reporters that “I’m here to work, I’m here to govern. I want this minority parliament to work.” Wynne seemed a little edgy when inquired about Horwath’s letter that warned that she will no work with Liberals if the budget includes “any new taxes, tools or fees that hit middle-class families.” However, in a stern reply to the threat, Wynne stated that “I never wing it. I’m not playing ‘Let’s Make A Deal,’” and mentioned that “we have made a clear commitment to investing in transit.”

Furthermore, Wynne elaborated that “It’s not possible to make those investments in transit without identifying the revenue stream. We will bring forward a plan in the spring, in the budget, that will identify where that revenue will come from.” In addition to that, the premier confessed that she understands “people are pushed . . . that they are feeling the slowness of the recovery from the economic downturn, so we are going to do this in the fairest and most responsible way possible.”

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