Sinclair Family, Aboriginal Organizations Chose to Refrain from Inquest

The family of Brian Sinclair and the aboriginal organizations have both announced to stay aloof of an inquest inspecting his death and not to participate with it for Phase 2. The provincial inquest into death of Brian Sinclair is scheduled to resume today for two weeks and then for another week in June before it will finally make a conclusion.

A representative of the Aboriginal Legal Services of Toronto, Emily Hill, informed a provincial court Judge Tim Preston that the organization has decided to limit its participation to the inquest in January, and it will not examine systemic racism in connection with Sinclair’s death. Hill mentioned in front of the court that “ASLT is disappointed that phase two if the inquest will focus primarily on patient flow rather than the role discrimination may have played.”

In addition to that, the lawyer for the Sinclair family also disclosed that the family has decided not to participate in phase two but promised to be back for final statements. Sinclair’s cousin, Robert Sinclair, alleged that the family is calling for a public inquiry to look into his death. Robert stated that “we came here for the truth.” “It is obvious we are not going to get the whole truth,” and alleged that “the truth is there on video tape. How many strangers told the staff this guy is sick and they ignored him. Is that attitude embedded in the system?” It was added that “the fight continues. We’ll now take different means to get to the truth.”

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