Conservatives keeping Bev Oda away from the cameras

Pardon the eloquence. You know, this Oda story is quickly moving from a question of her actions to an indictment of the PMO. Yesterday, I noticed Ambrose seemed to be "shielding" Oda from camera view, somewhat confirmed by the smirky wink given to colleagues. Today, we get this tweet from Bob Fife:


Public Works Min. Rona Ambrose is used to block camera shot of Bev Oda when PM on feet in House. #cdnpoli

For real, I mean that is actually what is going on here? This is the accountability government, and they actually sit around in the PMO coming up with designs to hide Bev Oda from the camera? Propaganda moves to outright manipulation, not only doesn’t Oda defend herself, we have people physically trying to make sure CANADIANS get no view of her. Is hyperbole even possible in this instance?

I don’t even care about what Oda did anymore, it’s more alarming to watch how the government is trying to rewrite history and actually hide her. I want my country back, there is nothing more to say than this whole affair is SUCH SHIT! Gawd, I’m embarrassed to live here, embarrassed to follow politics in this country, what an asinine place Ottawa has become!!

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  1. I wish all Canadians could get as outraged as I feel about this situation. The opposition calling for a restoration of funding to Kairos doesn’t help maintain the focus. The issue should be about why the PM is stating Bev Oda made the right decision in denying funding when the issue is altering a signed document to change it’s meaning (forgery) then misrepresenting her knowledge of the forgery (fraud). I want to see a criminal investigation into this matter!!!

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