Canada stays silent as Middle East revolts continue

Is it the Egyptian hangover? Is it because media coverage is more muted? Is it because there isn’t one just country to key in on with a coherent focus? I have no idea, but I’m a bit disappointed with the silence from all political parties on violent repressions happening as people fight for freedom, democratic reform, all the same things that transfixed us in Egypt.

Libya is turning into a bloodbath, ditto for Yemen, as government forces open fire on protesters. Bahrain might be turning in favour of the protesters after a slew of violence. Algeria is fluid and unsettled. Basically a sea of uncertainty sweeping the region, people being killed, communications shutdown, and I can’t even find a simple press release from my party in particular on the topic. Not that a few words from a distant land matter in the least, but AT least a sense that we understand the gravity, we deplore the tactics, we stand for free expression and democratic want. 

It’s like everything ended when Mubarak stepped down, or at least that’s how political attention in this country seems to convey. Again, not to overstate, because any "statement" is more symbolic than practical, but it still denotes concern as well as a defence of our principles. The government say fit to issue a release on the Royal Wedding the other day, but nothing on snipers mowing down people in Libya who crave freedom? Maybe we need a Libyan ex-pat enclave in a key 905 riding to give the nudge required, I’m not sure? What is certain, the silence is deafening from all quarters, and it isn’t particularly flattering.

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