Cameron to regain voters’ confidence after Council elections

U.K. Prime Minister, David Cameron

U.K. Prime Minister, David CameronU.K. Prime Minister, David Cameron has confessed that he has to “prove” himself to voters.

The terrible performance of the Tory party in the local elections has made Mr. Cameron to understand the voters’ message “loud and clear”. However, Mr. Prime Minister is not convinced with the excuses about mid-term blues as they “aren’t enough” to describe the party’s performance at the polls.

Echoing Chancellor, George Osborne has assured to “focus on what matters”.

A poorly presented budget which seemed to serve the rich, Britain’s return to recession and the loss of 405 seats in last Thursday’s local polls have persuaded a few Conservatives that Mr. Cameron and Mr. Osborne, lack the capability and strategy to win the upcoming national election in 2015.

Dorries have described Cameron and Osborne last month as “two posh boys” who have no idea about the price of milk, have also said that Cameron could face a leadership challenge by Christmas.

Dorries have written in the Mail on Sunday: “Cameron and Osborne should be aware: Conservative MPs will not sleepwalk into losing their seats.”

The things have become more crucial for Mr. Prime Minister as any positive headlines from Wednesday could be overshadowed by two appearances at the Leveson Inquiry which could be potentially embarrassing for Mr. Cameron.

To regain the voters’ confidence, Mr. Cameron has promised to grant additional help to hard-working people who “want to get on and play by the rules”.

Mr. Cemeron has written in his article in a national newspaper: “My reaction to last week’s local election results is straightforward: I get the message, loud and clear. I know that the familiar excuses – low turnout, mid-term blues – aren’t enough. Even the difficulties of our economic situation and the tough but necessary decisions the Government has had to take cannot fully explain the results.”

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  1. Frcomment_IDay’s local election results for Labour in the UK was a long-term economic disaster for the country. People do not realise but they have just shot themselves in the foot and for the future of their children and grandchildren. For the country is in an awful financial and economic mess that has to be sorted with total debt by 2015 according to PricewaterhouseCoopers chief economist of $16.4 trillion equivalent, nearly 50% created whilst the last Labour government was in power for 13 years. Councils in this respect can lay the right economic foundations locally between themselves and private business in creating jobs. As I go around the UK I see no Labour-controlled council interacting in any meaningful way with private business to provcomment_IDe the much needed jobs and wealth that our children will need for their futures – for jobs can only now be created by private business, nowhere else. So we shall have another generation where our young will have virtually no meaningful life to look forward to. Therefore those families in the UK who voted last week to put Labour in charge of our councils have unwittingly stopped any major hope locally that their children will have jobs in the future. When therefore will people learn that both government and councils have to work to one end, the creation of private sector jobs? With the conservatives and lib dems in government and Labour in charge of the local economies can anyone really see any jobs being created realistically? If so those who think so are living on another planet to myself. Indeed where are the jobs going to come from if government and councils are against each other. Clearly this is not the right environment to get the UK out of the biggest mess that the country has ever experienced and it will only exasperate the situation more and by the end of the year we will have near 10% unemployed, even more next year. It is therefore time that industry czars were appointed by government to all UK councils so that councils and business work together to create jobs. What I have seen up and down the country is that councils have not a clue and basically do not really interact with business to create jobs together – if they dcomment_ID and they dcomment_ID it right we would now be seeing tens of 1000s of jobs being created through national and export driven markets. Far from it unfortunately and I have seen no long-term jobs created as they should have been. The Councils in the UK want a very ‘big’ kick up the backscomment_IDe so that they wake up to reality. But overall it amazes me why people after being economically decimated by Labour, think that a protest vote will help them. The absolute opposite will be the outcome I can tell them and their children will definitely suffer from this insane fixed mindset. Just mark my words and when the next generation say to them that they have no jobs, just look at yourself in the mirror, for it was you who has unsuspectingly made it that way. For many English councils have up to £1 billion (some beyond) going through their systems ever year and if they cannot create any new jobs from this, then they are failing their communities, but where every year they just do that – for local jobs is what really counts. Labour has an abysmal record in this respect and Frcomment_IDay’s vote for Labour will definitely despatch many more people locally to the dole queues. A pity therefore that people do not think of the long term effects on their children and not just for themselves. When will people realise what they are doing is the big question, and think of the long-term effects for their children through their protest vote and unrealistic actions?

    Dr Davcomment_ID Hill
    Chief Executive
    World Innovation Foundation

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