What the Indian Youth thinks today, the World will do tomorrow

 “The world we have produced is the product of our thinking. It will not change unless we change our thinking.” -Albert Einstein

Thought is the key to action. Any work is first thought, planned and then accomplished successfully. Every deed is the result of a successful consideration. And today the power vests in the hands of young, thoughtful and diligent people. These people i.e. the youths have the capacity to bring a change in the present.

The young minds of today have the courage to stand among the odds. They do not bend before any power and thus, have the capacity to reform the present society. In the past history too, we have seen many examples who dared to fight against the society and transform the whole world.

For instance, Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth president of super power, America, dared to oppose the slavery when it was as its extreme. People opposed him and even revolted. But this Abraham Lincoln was, later onwards, considered to be the saviour of U.S.A.

Similarly, the example of Mahatma Gandhi can be taken in this case. He fought for independence by the unique path of non violence or ‘ahimsa’ when the Britishers were using their power to crush people. But still he dared and now is considered to be the father of our nation.

Youths have a modern thinking. They believe in universal brotherhood and respect each and every religion. They have religious tolerance and are not like people who try to harm religions for the propagations of their religion, the latest example being of burning of churches in Orissa. Youths do not appreciate such acts and hence are capable of setting up a secular society.

The young blood think of the whole world as a global community. They wish to set up friendly relations with everyone and believe in exchange of help with everyone. The youths try to build a universal society and hence, try to set up a peaceful universe.

Modern youths always try to obtain full advantage of the developing technology. This thinking will always improve, work efficiency and better utilization of time. This would clearly help in the development of our country. Youths have a better knowledge regarding devices and equipments which clearly improve the economic conditions of countries.

According to Asha Singh, a student of Ramswaroop Institute of Technology said, “Today’s youth are tomorrow’s future. They believe in simple living and high thinking which makes them a part of humanity. I remember my school days which is like a colorful flower where we don’t know what to do and what not to do, but as we are growing up, we are now having an enthusiasm to do that work which nobody else has completed and as an youth I believe that world full of peace is a word of success.”

Although the youths are crazy for modern technology, still they are conscious regarding the degradation of environment. The young minds have concern regarding the deforestation, pollution, scarcity of minerals etc. They try to use renewable source and actively participate in environmental protection activity such as Chipko Movement, Rainwater harvesting etc. This type of thinking would clearly make earth a better place to live.

There are many other factors which put the ball in their court. They have great stamina and hence can strive hard. In This developing world, the young are matured earlier and thus can face and fight the odds or difficulties of life .Youths are determined, hard-working and responsible, so they would become better human beings.

All the above factors prove that the youth are greatly and will be more successful in every field. The world has to work under the youths as they are the followers of today and will be the leaders of tomorrow. So the youths should be given more freedom to perform and act according to their wishes. Then the future world would become a utopian society. And so the statement should not be like what the youths think today, the world will tomorrow but something like what youths think today, the world will have to do tomorrow.

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