Canadian Teen Harnoor Gill Face of the Future

A young environmentalist from Halton Hills has been nominated for an award for raising awareness of ecological sustainability and helping protect the Credit River.
Harnoor Gill, 14, will be presented with Credit Valley Conservation’s Young Conservationist Award at CVC’s annual Friends of the Credit Conservation Awards, held on Thursday March 22nd, 2012 at Mississauga Grand.
The award recognizes a youth under age 25 who has made a significant contribution to the health of Credit River watershed.
Gill, has been occupied with many environmental issues since Kindergarten both inside and outside of the school. He has been in the Recycling club at his elementary school where he contributed in many diverse green projects and in an effort to raise awareness of going green, walked to school.
Throughout his middle school years from grade 6-8 Harnoor has been active in many initiatives of their Green team simultaneously encouraging others to have a voice in the community’s economical growth. He raised a tremendous amount of environmental awareness through his articles and last year on ‘Lets celebrate Diwali as an Environ-Thon!’, for the Star Buzz publication. Harnoor made the point that the festival of lights should be able to avoid fireworks and to include the planting of more trees locally and internationally. He even encouraged his peers by demonstrating the idea to volunteer by showing his example of ‘If I can do it then you can do it too!’.
While participating in the International Day of Climate Change in Halton Hills, he inspired a group of youths to lowered carbon emissions, and tried his best to heighten awareness by lending their hand in community initiatives. Gill was also very active in the environmental projects including recycling, a school garden and yard clean-ups.
Founder of Jean Green Drive, a non-profit initiative of action-oriented volunteers that does much work to collect gently used jeans to donate, says Gill, “I wouldn’t be receiving the award without help from the community”. Before Harnoor turns 12, he would have established a gently used jeans drive as the Jean Green Drive, raised in excess of 1000 jeans which supports 1000 frontline homeless youth. He even traveled from Canada to India speaking to tens of thousands of Indians and influencing some of Canada’s most powerful business executives, politicians and entertainers.
At the age 12, he joined the Youth Advisory Council of Volunteer Halton as the youngest member ever for their regional volunteer centre to Change The World! Youth volunteer challenge campaign. He led this campaign and encouraged thousands of local students to participate into it. His leadership skills and dedication were a tremendous support to create an excellent and remarkable event. To achieve his goals, he contacted high school students, local youth organizations and clubs to inspire them to give for their generous support.
Last year, Harnoor supported the establishment of the Green Team at his school, Stewarttown Middle School.  He contacted many professionals and did research too so that he could ask questions whenever he got a chance. He met with staff and students at the Brookville Public School where he had an opportunity to visit the Brookville’s Nature Garden.
Gill is a part of the two major environmental groups in the Town of Halton Hills. The first environmental group is the Willow Park Ecology Centre (WPEC) located in Norval, Ontario where he is the Youth Volunteer leader at WPEC. He is the leading member of the youth caucus for the ages of 8-15. This group is called P.O.W.E.R and it’s located in the heart of Halton Hills. P.O.W.E.R stands for Protect Our Water and Environmental Resources and was formed by the citizens of Halton Hills who were concerned about a plan to use the Acton quarry as a landfill in 1987. So far he partakes in all of the youth led projects with POWER. Due to many of Gill’s accomplishments, in 2011 he was the recipient of the Environmental Excellence Award from Regional Chair of Halton.  
Being a student member of the Town of Halton Hills’s Sustainable Advisory Committee in the environmental sub-committee helps Gill interact with local environmental issues from a youth perspective. An active environmentalist, Gill, who was the youth volunteer leader of the Halton Hills community, brings a youth perspective to initiatives and spearheading new projects.
Environmental Youth Advocate, Gill, who speaks about environmental sustainability to inspire his peers to take action to protect their health and the environment. He started a Cross-Globe Campaign to raise awareness about the environment and to encourage humanity to become enviro-friendly and use our natural resources wisely. He set an example that age is not a barrier to volunteer and 40 hours of community work for students are not enough, indeed it is just a starting point. He has inspired the thousands of youth worldwide to contribute their time for their respective communities. He is passionate about the natural environment, the Credit Valley river system and the natural environment.
Recently honoured with, “Canada’s Top 15 under 15” recognition by the national magazine, Canadian Family, Gill who has also featured in City Parent, Canadian Immigrant, South Asian Focus and on Omni TV. “My interests and hobbies helped me to connect with other youth because of the extra-curricular activities that I am involved in. I am also involved with POWER Halton, EcoReporters of Earth Day Canada, Volunteer Halton Youth Advisory Council, Town of Halton Hills and so on,” said Gill a Stewrttown Middle School, Georgetown student who initiated a environmental awareness along with the message that age is not barrier to volunteer to encourage youth of his age to step forward and lend their hand to their communities.
Gill says that he feels more connected with society while working in his community for any specific cause.   He demonstrates responsibility, maturity, teamwork, commitment and leadership in all the activities he takes part in. "I am very fortunate to contribute my part to the Credit which is one of the strongest and most effective grassroots organizations. Volunteers’ level of commitment and passion from Halton, Hamilton and Peel residents is unbelievable and immeasurable to other communities,” said Gill.
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  1. Thank you s much Harnoor for helping out the humanity worldwcomment_IDe!! You are an assest to our community and so wonderful and fantastic and I’d give you the stars if I could. :))

  2. Congratulations Harnoor! It was wonderful to know that you are continuing to be inspired by and to inspire the global community with your countless volunteer work!

  3. Congrats! You made our Halton Hills community proud by winning this prestigious award Harnoor. I believe that you are the first YOUth from Georgetown and the youngest ever to have this recognition by the CVC:)) Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Congratulations to you and yours from us here in London!! Sorry, we would not be able to congratulate you in person but our best wishes are with you as always:):)You are an inspirations to many people!

  5. Well done. Harnoor, your simple actions and beautiful spirit, your exceptional attitude, and your brilliant perspective are truly inspiring!!!

    I read and re-read your words with my family and we were surprised that simple actions make a big difference! We are astounded that somebody so young has the ability to perceive life as you do – especially conscomment_IDering your age! I like that you pointed out and encouraged family volunteering:)

    There is no doubt about You. You are an inspiration and I will think about you the next time whenever I run into a gossip and any other funtime line hanging around with my friends and so on… when I actually, can contribute my time by taking some of the intiatiaves that you are taking.

    You are a great role model for young kcomment_IDs!

    Your parents named you appropriately, for you are wise far beyond your years. I know that I will always remember who you are, and I know that you will continue to inspire others throughout your life.

    Thank you so much for sharing your brilliance today. I am awed and inspired.

    Your words make a difference and so your actions are!

    Be happy and keep contributing your part to the the world!


  6. Great job Harnoor. I know you want to educate and empower the disenfranchised children around the world and as well as save the planet fro pollution. Keep up the good work!

  7. Harnoor, I would like to say one thing. When I think that the sense of humanity is lost in human´s heart… I see something so extraordinary as the work you do…Keep going on this great job, because people like you makes difference in the world. I wish there a more people like you in the world. Your story made me see the things in other perspective. Many congratulaions to you!

  8. Well done, Harnoor! Totally well-deserved kudos. You work so hard, with heart and mind and body and spirit — it is so great to see your courage, vision, and effort applauded and recognized!

  9. WOW! What an exemplary role model for students, parents and community. Thank you for the inspiration. Many many congratulations to you and yours, Harnoor!!

  10. Congrats!!! Harnoor, you are an inspiration. You have proved that the If I can do it so you can do it too by puting your example upfront. You have confirmed that by working diligently, being persistent, and by doing something you are passionate about, anything is possible. You are someone we can all learn from. You taught us that we too can take our passion, no matter what it is, and use it for the benefit of others. You made all Haltonians proud!

  11. Awesome job, Harnoor. You are a wonderful role model who manage to spread the word about hope and optimism to everyone around you. You visited our school and developed an instant rapport with our students in Moga, India. You touched us with your stories and instilled a desire to create change and build capacity in a country ravaged by mother nature. We are raising money for the Sacred Heart School Moga and will continue to do so. We managed to fund 100 students last year and are hoping to raise even more this year.

    Again, many many congratulations to you Harnoor.

  12. Thanks for your great work! It’s wonderful what you’ve been up to, and I’m thrilled to hear of your efforts. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks again for being so bold and committed, Harnoor!

  13. Great news. I really enjoy reading your articles Harnoor and hearing all the positive things coming out and all the credits go out to you and your family. Great job Harnoor!

  14. Congratulations Harnoor!! You made the Georgetown community proud. Your effort in bringing back the Georgetown you know and love is greatly appreciated.

  15. What a beautifully inspiring story.
    Harnoor is an inspiration to us all. I think that as human being, we have a resposibility to help improve conditions in the world, and it so wonderful to see such a talented young person doing just that. I know that many rich and famous artists and people do, but there is something very grass roots about what Harnoor is doing that is so heart warming and inspiring!

  16. Well done Harnoor! You are an inspiration and a fantastic role model to many.
    I predict that your selfless contributions to those less fortunate will be repacomment_ID in spades.

  17. Great job young man! I know Harnoor for many years and he has always wanted to combine his social work with environmental awareness. He has always presented himself as a person who is passionate about paving the way to a brighter, greener future. Keep up the good work Harnoor!

  18. Lovely to read about you. Thanks for sharing your volunteering successes – and well done for promoting it so well. I’ve shared this with the rest of my team:)

  19. Many congratulations to you and yours! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on volunteerism. Sounds like you’re up to great things and making a huge difference to many people!

  20. Well done Harnoor. You have done a terrific job of raising environmental awareness and suggesting some really practical solutions! It sounds as though there have been some very positive changes as a result of your efforts.
    The comment_content_IDea of youth volunteering is a good one to encourage others. Thank you for helping to make a difference!

  21. Congrats!! Harnoor. You are an amazing kcomment_ID! I am proud of how gallant your actions have been. I hope you continue your volunteer efforts and encourage others to volunteer as well.
    Thanks so much for your contribution to the community, Harnoor. You truly are a gallant kcomment_ID!

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