Harper brushes off questions about screening audience

For the second day in a row, Harper is brushing off questions about what measures his staff take to screen audience participants. This disposition that Harper has taken, than he can decline to answer a question about whether the Conservatives are monitoring Facebook and other social-media sites to weed out individuals who aren’t true-blue Conservatives is completely unacceptable.

Concerns have been raised about what the Conservatives are doing to investigate people. There are also questions about the RCMP, and how their screening process- completely LEGITIMATE- connects to the Conservative campaign. Are the Conservatives using data provided by the RCMP? Are the Conservatives independently monitoring the activities of people online? There are a myriad of important questions here, Harper doesn’t get to sluff off anything, he is required to answer just what they are doing on this score. The issue was raised, accusations have been made as to criteria, facebook, bumper stickers, so Harper MUST CLEAR THE AIR, there is simply no alternative.

This goes beyond simple partisanship, it is now a question of our fundamental right to know just what exactly this Prime Minister is doing to screen people, what are the tools available to him, is he misusing RCMP information, does he have people who monitor individuals, based on political views? These are important questions, Harper doesn’t get a "decline", he gets pestered everyday until he faces the problem like a leader must do.

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