Canada Election 2011: Fate of Liberal Party of Canada

Scott Reid is right, throw your plans out the window war rooms, this election is now about who can adapt quick enough to seismic change. Nothing is written in stone at the moment, but "best laid plans" are now old news and only the nimble stand a chance.

Nobody knows if the NDP vote will hold, so many scenarios now in play, it’s hard to accurately gauge the landscape. Sometimes surges fizzle out, so you can convince yourself to just stay on message and things will swing your way. However, while there might be some rationale to that approach, I would argue assume the worst and react accordingly. Particularly for the Liberals, the status quo campaign is yesterday’s news, not desperation but recalibration and a FIGHT FOR LIVES MENTALITY, because, well, WE ARE.

It’s time for Mr. Ignatieff to stop being so polite, he needs to raise the volume, up the ante, put on the pressure, blah, blah, blah, this thing is lost unless the Liberals throw some dynamite around. This means the Sunday 1/2 hour buy better not be nice piano music and stories about Ignatieff’s family, but hard hitting, in your face, compelling arguments to rally Canadians under our banner. When Ignatieff appears on Quebec television Sunday, he needs to dispense with the affable fellow and go on the attack as though a jury is about to decide his fate. Today I heard the word "serene" from Ignatieff, on a question about Quebec. With all due respect, screw that flowery crap, get in their and grab it, because it’s waving goodbye every second you waste. These are the stakes, you want us to rise up, then rise up yourself and quite being so bloody diplomatic, "serene" made me want to lose my lunch, we need tough not nicieties.

If the Liberal war room is consoling itself with the fact they’ve run a good campaign (which I think they have btw, strange as it may seem!), which can happen, they are making a mistake. It’s all gone to hell people, it’s become unglued, it requires URGENCY, right now, not tomorrow. The polls aren’t swinging back unless we retool our message, bruise our opponents, don’t sit there and take potshot ads from Layton, rip into everyone with zeal. 

It’s not over, but it sure as shit is if Liberals do the usual "oh it will turn around", it WON’T, it ISN’T, it HASN’T, it CAN’T. There is no time for comforting words, get out there like the enemy has breached the perimeter and your family’s livelihood is at stake. Hyperbole, call it what you will, but the next few days could well determine the fate of the Liberal Party of Canada, and I believe that with everyone in my bones. Let’s roll!!

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  1. There is nothing Ignatieff can do. He forced an election that the majority of voters dcomment_ID not want. This was confirmed in poll after poll.

    And why are we having this election? Oh yes contempt of parliament blah blah blah. Apparently Harper is Gadhaffi blah blah blah

    The truth is that the Liberals are sore losers. They just can’t accept that the majority of federalist voters prefer a conservative government.

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