Canada Election 2011: Harper’s “Fantasy Land”

To be blunt, I’m losing the will to write on issues, because frankly it doesn’t seem to matter, completely inconsequential. You have a government downright lying their asses off about the biggest military expenditure in history, and it’s fine apparently, move along. You have a Conservative government that magically reinvents themselves in a mere 17 days, suddenly finding 4 billion a year in deficit savings, BUT seemingly allowed to NEVER tell us how, apart from absurd generalities that simply don’t fly. People will remember 2008, wherein we had an election about the environment, but the Conservatives some how managed to delay their plan, telling us we’d see the goods AFTER the election- we never did, but HEY it won them an election, good job con artists! In other words, let’s be clear, none of it matters, a critical eye is really just the realm of political junkies, an esoteric world with no relevance to the "street". So with that depressing reality FULLY understood, I will soldier on in my little world, because, well, I care anyways:

A re-elected Conservative government would have to slash social and economic programs and federal government services to meet Stephen Harper’s deficit-reduction targets, analysts say.

But analysts say past experience has shown that the Conservatives’ cost-cutting claims are unrealistic and the savings envisioned by Harper would require significant cuts to programs intended to help the public.

“If it is easy now to find $4 billion in annual savings through ‘efficiencies,’ then why didn’t the government start five years ago?” asked Peter Devries, a former senior finance department official, in a recent article entitled “If Pigs Can Fly.”

He added: “Anyone who has actually been involved in controlling and cutting program expenditures will tell you that it is not possible to find savings of that amount through efficiencies. To find credible savings that would generate $4 billion in ongoing savings would require elimination or cuts to existing programs.”

It’s such a maddening election, Harper can simply sidestep reality, NOBODY believes it possible, and two days later that’s the end of the discussion. The best part for me, this nonsensical claim that Harper can find LOADS of saving with computer costs. At the time I wondered aloud if any company, anywhere, can attest to how computer costs get lower and lower, particularly when you have outdated equipment- there’s laughable, then there’s just plain FIBBING:

Harper has mentioned the example of potential savings through a more efficient computer system. But Jackson said it’s widely accepted that upgrading outdated federal government technology can’t be done without hefty initial spending on new equipment — hardly a cost-saving measure.

But I digress, just put on a silly jacket and stand in a cool arena with your "lapping at our shores" pungent bullshit, it’s all good Mr. Prime Minister!

Wait a minute, the title is wrong, Harper doesn’t live in a "fantasy land", I DO for actually thinking honest account has anything to do with electing people. I need a new interest…

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  1. You hit the nail on the head again. Sadly.

    What a rcomment_IDiculous country we live in, when Stephen can get away with just about anything, because he has the “Mandate”.

    By my calculations, about 25% of Canadians actually voted for him last time. I wonder how many it will be this time?

    Oh, well. A country gets the government it deserves…….


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