Canada Election 2011: Wile Harper hides from media

The latest episode in Harper versus the media is being digested, with the usual, completely justified outrage. What does it say when Harper’s Borg can drown out a reporter in this manner? What does it say that Harper purposely holds these press conferences in front of supporters, a form of purposeful intimidation no doubt? I share all the disgust, but it is also important to remember, it really doesn’t matter, sad but true.

Remember the 2008 campaign? Do people remember how Harper refused to go on the CBC if he had to answer a voter video question? Would it surprise you to learn that in that campaign, the Borg told reporters "go back to Russia"? Do you remember that in the last days of the 2008 campaign Harper stopped taking any questions? In other words, this nonsense has been going on for years, all the while Conservatives shrug it off because they’ve "gamed" the system, they’ve figured out the attention span, there is little real consequence, THIS is why they act in such a manner.

At the beginning of this campaign, Harper refused to take more than 5 questions. There were some protestations, but STRANGELY, many in the media cut their colleagues off at the knees, openly questioning wasting time and susbequent questions on questions, apparently it was counter productive. Never mind the fundamental issue of accountability, not to mention this was an attack on THEIR profession and all the tenets within, NO certain people quickly tired of the "fight" and guess what- HARPER WON AGAIN. My, how they must belly laugh in the PMO, they’ve been carefully orchestrating and manipulating for years, any rebellions short lived and only REINFORCING the conclusion that in the end, it will go their way, with little CONSEQUENCE. Review the record, remember the instances and then understand it never mattered one lick, it was "inside" kerfuffle, and the Conservatives forever knew it.

Do you really believe the Conservative war room spent more than a minute on yesterday’s big controversy? Review the almost non existent coverage this morning, nary a column of outrage, and it’s proof positive that the Conservatives are wise to just ignore. Oh sure, Terry will push the matter again today, who knows maybe it will resonate. But, the high probability is this story will just fizzle into oblivion, left for people like me that actually possess a long term memory and enjoy patterns as indicative of overall belief. Not meant to be depressing, but I believe one must recognize the reality, rather than hope for something different, that never seems to come.

These Conservatives and their supporters have been kicking the media for years, they know even have a network solely devoted to taunting them. To think that yesterday’s outrage actually matters, is to forget the entire Harper reign, the persistent abuse, flaunted indifference, the uneven response, the notion that they’ve GAMED the system, the press corp irrelevant. That is shocking to say, and every last one in the profession with resist, but the facts speak for themselves. I mean, Harper has continually thumbed his nose, usurped accountability, with no evidence of recourse, never a hint that the OUTRAGE tethers to real world consequence. Again, rather than be depressed about it, more an epiphany, which is progress in understanding what really does and doesn’t matter. A bunch of the Borg shouting down a CBC reporter, doesn’t even register, at least in no way that has substantial bearing on future prospects. That’s just the bottom line- how many times do we have to see it fizzle before we accept the inherent truisms?

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