Canadian Election 2011: Peggy Nash vs Gerard Kennedy

A lot of things get distorted in a campaign, and I’ve really just ignored some of the bullshit, because well, it’s BULLSHIT. Chiefly, the NDP and their "positive" campaign, which seems to divide election 2011 into two distinct segments, the first half a mirage apparently. See, to truly believe this rubbish, one must forget that prior to the Quebec surge, all Layton did was bash Liberals, his stump speech said more about Ignatieff than Harper. In addition, the NDP ran attack ads against the Liberals. I read articles, commentaries, all independent observers detailing the NDP "obsession" with attacking the Liberals. It’s a fact, a truth that exists beyond the lame spin from NDP supporters and sympathizer friends, that is the inescapable TRUTH. You know what it’s fine, because in politics that’s the name of the game, but please, please STOP with the revionism. Of course now it’s all love and sunshine from the NDP, which is smart strategy, given the wave of change, that’s the easy call. I commend the NDP war room for positive messaging in the home stretch. I have also put aside my partisan considerations and adopted a "greater good" mentality when viewing possible election outcomes.

Apparently Peggy Nash didn’t get the new memo, because she is running a LOWBALL campaign of DISTORTIONS against one of the most progressive voices in the country, a real world example of how the flowery projections we must nauseatingly endure don’t quite match the GUTTER politics that so often is the real story behind the smiling mustache. So, I’m challenging the moral high ground Dippers and their sympathizers to decry this crap from the Petty Nash campaign- come on show some consistency- or is just partisan convenience, because going after an honorable man like Kennedy in this BULLSHIT way is just "broken Ottawa" in every conceivable way, is it not?:

Here’s another newsflash, it’s stuff like this that will make many Liberals less inclined to support the NDP after this all shakes out, and count me NOW as one of them (with any geniune enthusiasm that’s for sure). What a low rent attack. As an aside, way to kick ass Gerard Kennedy, you’re clearly the better man or woman in this fight.

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