No urgency to merge Liberals and NDP

It is true that we need to hear from all Liberals on the merger question. It is also becoming obvious that there seems to be limited appetite for the idea. Factor in an NDP basking in it’s new found powerless power- at a historic apex- very hard pressed to see that side even entertaining seriously, at least for the time being.

I’m prepared to keep an open mind for the future, but for this moment anyways, I’m not going to waste much energy discussing or participating in a conversation which might just be counter-productive. In other words, I’m focusing on the Liberal Party, even if a merger is possible, FIRST must come attention to the homefront. The political scales are simply tipped to much to one side at the moment, some in the NDP ranks are bordering on insufferable- where is the practical impetus from that side?

More importantly, while we do see some philosophical convergence, in the same area code on many issues, there is also vast chasms that make people on both sides uncomfortable. I don’t see the former merge of the right wing parties as frankly a template moving forward, apart from superficial comparisons. It is very correct to state that very different, INGRAINED cultures exist with the the Liberals and NDP. At the core, I’m not sure a merged party could stand for the same things, that it could amalgamate in a way that spoke to all core constituents. The same could be said for the right merge, but I would argue the differences not as pronounced, current leader more irritant than underlying thrusts.

Here is my forecast of where we are at the moment. The NDP have absolutely no desire to serious entertain a merge, many are frankly convinced the Liberals are dead, what’s the point. From the Liberal camp, people seem to be looking internally to find solutions, rather than entertaining complicated scenarios involving a merge. I hear a few voices floating a merger, but it seems dwarfed by those vehemently opposed or not inclined (a unscientific sampling for sure, but I’m confident that’s the case now). I wouldn’t declare the idea dead, but I also think it’s pretty much a waste of energy to push hard on this score right now, it simply lacks the critical drivers. Liberals or NDP, I sense no urge to merge.

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