Geert Wilders spreading hate against Islam and Muslim Canadians

It is really shocking to learn that the Sun News Network and the Canada Christian College allowed Mr. Geert Wilders to use their facilities to spread his hatred against Muslim Canadians and Islam. It is also shocking that 580News did the same by interviewing Mr. Wilders.

You can hear part of Mr. Wilders’ speech by checking the websites below:

Most Canadians are deeply offended by Geert Wilders’ presence here in Canada, by his characterization of Islam as an "ideology of hate" and by his call for a ban on the Holy Qur’an.

We have anti-hate laws in Canada that prevent targeting any groups based on identifiable grounds yet this is exactly what Mr. Wilders did in his speech.

We are perplexed why some Canadian groups and media would allow a hate monger like Mr. Wilders to pollute our country with his filth.

Shame on the Sun News Network, shame on the Canada Christian College and shame on 580News.

The holocaust was preceded by people like Geert Wilders being given a platform to spew hate against Jews and Judaism which later resulted in the horrible crimes committed against Jews in Europe.

We call on all municipal, provincial and federal leaders to publicly and promptly denounce this vicious hate campaign against Muslim Canadians and Islam.

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  1. SO far the greatest danger to Muslims are other Muslims. In the Muslim world, Muslims are blowing up each other’s mosques –Allah’s mosques– as well as Christian churches. They are killing those who have a differing opinion, through letter bombs and suiccomment_IDe bombs and car bombs and guns…

    So when I see a woman on a Canadian street wearing a Niqab or a Burka, I just want to rip it off her face. The Koran does not require women to cover their faces. To me Niqabs and Burkas represent the subjugation of women, slavery and female circumcision and violence. If these people come to Canada to escape Muslim attrocities and superstitions in their own country, then why not leave behind the symbols of those attrocities.

    Not all of what Wilders says is pure hate. Some of it is being fed-up with the cultural imperialism of Radical Islam. If moderate Muslims are afracomment_ID to stand up to Radical Islam –somebody else has to.

  2. Well, Khalad, you wouldn’t be Muslim, would you ? YOU are the one who should not be allowed to speak publiclly. You are biased from the start.
    Mr Wilders is fighting for the freedom and rights a democrastic society deserves , Sharia should not be imposed on us .
    Mr. Wilders is a man with great courage and insight
    Islam is backward; a 7th century barbaric comment_content_IDeology Islam must change if it is ever going to fit well into modern society. He is right about that.
    Geert Wilders comes to expose Islam for what it really is, and THAT’S WHAT BOTHERS YOU- you are afracomment_ID people will hear him and believe him ! You are scared to death of people like him–you are scared to death of the truth .

  3. I do not agree with you that Canadians are deeply offended by Geert Wilders’ presence here in Canada. Mr. Wilder is here to speak in this country of freedom, his views are what alot of people agree with, violence and oppression should not be tolerated. When radical Islam is telling Muslims and non-Muslims that it is forbcomment_IDden to say anything negative about Islam, even if it clearly exist, they will be punish one way or another. Islam was created in the 7th century, yet there has been no modification of Islam for this century. Civilized people do NO longer stone people to death, kill homosexual, beat women, hate non-believers etc. It’s time for people and most importantly Muslims to speak up to against this, I never heard any Muslims or Imams publicity saying, It’s WRONG. Any Muslims that do stand up to the injustices are threatened. Sharia law should not be force into western law; it is an ancient religious laws. Political corrective is going to be the demise of freedom.

  4. Khaled, you’d get a more sympathetic audience if you could counter Wilders’ claims about Islam point for point. Counter the message, don’t shoot the messenger. When you try to shoot the messenger, it seems to imply you have no reply to the message. It’s easy to draw broad strokes and create analogies, as you are doing in painting Wilders’ activities as analogous to what happened in Nazi Germany before the Holocaust. But the devil is in the details, and for reasons too numerous to expound here, your analogy does not hold up.

  5. Canada has freedom of speech, he is only telling the truth.

    Most White Canadians are not offended and welcome people to speak the truth.

  6. Political correctness is cultural suiccomment_IDe, and mass immigration from muslim countries brings in people who do NOT want to live in a democratic society as Islam is NOT compatible with it. They are loyal to Allah and Allah only, fight to bring Sharia law to replace our laws and sue sue sue, make demand after demand, and cry racism. Islam is not a race, it is an comment_content_IDeology that wants to destroy western values and free speech. Geert Wilders is a hero to democracy and as a proud Canadian, I welcome him back anytime. He is on trial for speaking the truth about Islam (for quoting the Koran!!!). Wake-up, stop Islam from hijacking our freedom of speech! Make all new immigrants sign a legal document saying they are loyal to Canada, not Allah and Sharia law. Look at the UK, France, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, etc as evcomment_IDence immigration has failed. Islam is NOT compatible with democracy!!!

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