Amending the Liberal constitution for new leader

I love a good protest as much as the next person, but I prefer it be rooted in certain underlying facts, rather than a study in contradictions. Here is the development on amending the Liberal constitution:

But according to a draft document circulating among Liberal officials on Monday and seen by the Star, the party wants to convene a special general convention on June 12 to amend the Liberal constitution.

It would be a “virtual” convention, held over the Internet, with Liberals casting electronic ballots to change the leadership-succession rules and push the choice of a leader further into the future.

According to the document sent to the board Monday night, Liberals found a loophole in the constitution allowing them to escape an early vote. The national board will go ahead and set a leadership vote for Oct. 19 as required but then convene the special “virtual” convention on June 12 to change the six-month limit in the constitution. The board envisions that a leadership vote can then be set sometime roughly a year from now

Okay, so the "brass" has devised a plan, like all entities we do have a leadership structure, and by nature they tend to make decisions and shit, that’s sort of their job. Now, I get the past, and I think we need to turf a lot of the "brass" to be frank, but let’s STAY FOCUSED ON THE ISSUE AT HAND. I read that WE will decide if the Constitution will be amended. I read that WE will have a VOTE to decide, not told what will happen, but the membership will DECIDE if the "brass" idea has merit or not. It’s not different than a referendum question really, and last time I checked 30 million don’t participate in the phrasing, but they do on the validity, so what’s the beef exactly here, other than fighting OLD battles? About the only interesting point I’ve heard comes from Bob Rae, who laments that we can now suddenly have online votes, when in the past that was deemed impossible, some merit in that criticism for sure. 

I’ve read a PILE of grassroots Liberals resisting this idea of a quick leadership vote, so the idea here isn’t simply a top down creation, in fact it looks very much like a response to feedback from the membership, MP’s, party people AND the top down types. In other words, an amalgamated opinion emerged that we needed to WHOA on the leadership question, this isn’t a cabal deciding unilaterally, it’s the "brass" calling on the membership to decide if they’re reading the mood correctly. If you don’t like it, then VOTE against it, but doesn’t the fact you have a VOTE sort of undercut this boogeyman argument? I mean I’m VOTING, I have my voice, so where exactly don’t I HAVE a voice in this instance, just this one, not others, again STAY ON TOPIC.

This morning I read an argument for a quick leadership race, by the always thoughtful Adam Radwanski. Facsinating that one name seized upon, Justin Trudeau, is himself saying leadership should be put on the back burner, even he is resisting a quick vote. The "push back the vote" crowd comes from Liberals from all stripes, so the fair thing to do, is to have a democratic vote and let LIBERALS decide. Again, I want Apps to step aside, I want to tear the house down and build from scratch in many regards, but I can also separate all that from THIS PARTICULAR ISSUE. We will vote, the brass doesn’t decide, WE DO, so rather than ranting wildly, why not look at the substance. Looks like grassroots democracy from here, on this ONE issue at least.

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