Rahim Jaffer’s drunk driving and cocaine possession story on CBC National

Having just watched Rahim Jaffer’s drunk driving and cocaine possession story on CBC National with Peter Mansbridge.

The following questions have to be asked:

1) Name of the crown attorney who made the deal with the defence lawyer? 

2) Was the crown attorney influenced in any way by any politician or power broker?

3) Does the crown attorney have any political affiliation with any political party?

4) What was Rahim Jaffer doing with one gram of cocaine? Was is it for his personal use or was he holding the cocaine for someone else?

5) Did Helena Guergis know of Rahim Jaffer’s involvement in drugs? After all she is his wife.

Just some of the questions. I am sure there are many more our readers can come up with.

Just my 2 cents!

Your comments are encouraged and welcomed.

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  1. If this is Canada and this is our justice system then what is the difference between Pakistan or Indian system there also influential and Rich can buy law.
    What happened with the police found white substance which was in possession of Mr Jaffar?Why police is quiet and not demending explanation? We the people need justice.NO ONE LIKE THIS CRIMINAL CAN WALK FREE LIKE THIS

  2. The Crown Attorney’s name is Marie Balogh. No big secret; it’s been in the press repeatedly. I’m not aware of any political affiliation of hers; none was ever cited (that I’m aware of).

    1 gram of cocaine is an amount equivalent in weight to 1 mL of water. That’s a tiny amount. Really? That’s all they found? I wouldn’t have proceeded with the drug charges either; somebody had already snorted the evcomment_IDence!

    Finally, late-breaking reports indicate that Jaffer blew just above the legal limit at the station. Not knowing what the margin of error is on those results, there might not be anything much there either.

    So this whole thing might pretty much be just a tempest in a teapot. But Jaffer was driving like an asshole, for which he’s pacomment_ID dearly. At least they nailed him on that one.

  3. People Mr Jaffers is much much better than you or I. He makes money for nothing, is free to snort cocaine and drink and drive. People we are the human excrement to these lords of men. Bow down, kiss their feet, be happy they let us live in their world. There is NOTHING you can do about it.

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