Jason Kenney wants less Filipina caregivers arriving in Canada

Jason Kenney and one of his many sidekicks, Joe Oliver, candidate for Eglinton-Lawrence a riding in the GTA area, are responsible for shutting down job prospects as much as 90 % for caregivers primarily Filipinos.

After being celebrating like a hero, an honouree Filipino and somebody who, apparently, cares for the Filipino community the end result is sure a total contradiction what he led us Filipinos to believe.

Kenney, under much pressure, from the obsessive and radical Filipino advocacy groups decided to make “improvements “ to the Live-in caregiver program.

To sum it all up, all fees including recruitment, airfare, medical now falls on the Canadian employer. On the surface it sounds like a great idea but the reality is that the majority of families who hire nannies are not wealthy by all means and it has simply become too costly to do so. On top of is, there is no protection whatsoever for a family who may pay out as much as $ 3000- 5000. – for the whole deal meaning a caregiver can walk away from the job the moment she steps into Canada.

End result = no more employers = opportunities for caregivers are eliminated

( Do I hear the advocacy groups cheering ??)

Is this a coincidence or strategic planning? Well, one must assume our honourable Jason Kenney is a pretty bright guy, right??

I mean he is young, ambitious, a workaholic with little or no private life…he must be pretty intelligent and in touch with his portfolio..right ?

Rumours have it that he is eyeing the Prime Minister’s position although I would highly recommend he’ll find himself a nice wife and a couple of kids first.

If I was a dating service I would suggest a nice gal like Wilma, Fred Flintstones’ wife.

I just cannot see the Canadian public voting for a 42 year old single religious workaholic with an obsessive disorder for chicken curry.

Even though the conservatives are trying to push the religious fundamentalist right wing agenda down our throat…Jason Kenney as a prime minister… no that isn’t going to happen anytime soon!!

It is well known that Kenney and his party are drooling over the ethnic communities, they will be the key in the next election and, surprise, Canada has a huge Filipino community.

Oh and let me also mention that the riding of Eglinton –Lawrence has a huge Filipino community as well ….

I am sure 100 % positive Kenney dreams about reaching his so desperately wanted majority government every single night in his 4 hour sleep.

I have this unhealthy vision of Kenney in light blue pyjamas with pink little Buddha’s dreaming about Election Day reaching a majority!!

If the conservatives ever do get a majority, his constitutions in his riding Calgary south east will be jumping up and down as well to have their Member of Parliament back. I understand he hasn’t been in Calgary since the Flames won the Stanley Cup.

So Kenney and his partners in crime had this Machiavellian idea to kill two birds at the same time:

1.) Convince the gullible & naive Filipino community that Kenney actually cares for him so they think he is the absolute hero! Be celebrated like a god with good whole sum Filipino food!! And get lots of Filipino votes, yeah right !!

2.) Implement changes to the Live in caregiver program that will obviously kill or decrease the number of opportunities by making it simply too expensive for Canadian families.


Deep down, Kenney wants less caregivers arriving in Canada.

I personally have always believed that this Conservative party is really very anti immigrant no matter what they say!! Kenney comes across like the the saviour of the multicultural communities but I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that he is really after the Caucasian high skilled immigrants that have long gone missing from the Canadian’s immigration system.

Kenney just announced a new “ balanced “ refugee protection Bill C-11, one does hope that this bill is more balanced than the new LCP changes otherwise, I am afraid, we won’t be seeing any refugees at all in Canada.

Well, our Immigration Minister is not as smart as he thought as job prospects for caregivers have super quickly declined since implementation of the new changes April 1, 2010.

Declining in such a super speed that the Filipino community and advocacy groups are already starting to see the big picture and the fact that they have been utterly fooled into believing that Kenney actually wants the best for them.

(Come on Jason, how stupid do you think the Filipinos are ???)

Apparently, several staffing agencies specialising in caregivers have been warning Jason Kenney that these changes would reduce eligible employers and diminish the caregiver placement industry. He chose very deliberately not to listen to them.

The bottom line is that he wants them out and gone otherwise he would not have made it so overly and outrageously expensive for hardworking and taxpaying Canadian families to hire caregivers.

Let’s face it, a Canadian families is not going to pay thousands and thousands of dollars for the staffing fee , airfare , medical and workers compensation of a caregiver that can and has the legal right to walk away from a family after a few days.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see through Kenney’s ulterior motive.

He bloody well knew that a typical hardworking Canadian family would not succumb to such enormous financial risk.

Canadian families are not in the habit of gambling their money away.

So, here is the deal:

Mark my words, Jason Kenney wants to keep Filipino caregivers out of Canada that is why he has implemented these new “ improvements “

This man has no heart at all …a true conservative politician!!

Former Filipina overseas nanny

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  1. WOW,I hope this nanny is wrong otherwise Kenney needs to resign NOW.
    Typical conservative government, always a hcomment_IDden agenda.
    Jason Kenney is the worst of all of them and not that smart, he usually gets caught with his fingers in the cookie jar.

  2. There is always a hcomment_IDden agenda when it comes to the Harper government. Jason Kenney needs to resign , he is the worst one of all of them.
    Now he is making life difficult for caregivers ???

  3. Jason Kenney is back to his usual political games. George Galloway et all , he is a dictator just like his boss Harper.
    Scary that they are top decision makers in Canada.
    But caregivers ?
    You would think he’ll them alone.

  4. The author brings about interesting points, however her framing of the LCP as a golden goose for incoming Filipinos overlooks the harsh, oppressive and potentially abusive situations that domestic workers face. Rather than present the litany of problems with the program, it can be best be summed up as modern day slavery.

    The problems also extend to the entire family, where after several years of separation, children often feel alienated and isolated after reunification. Filipino youth have one of the highest drop out rates in Canada. My point is changes are on the way but they do nothing to impact the everyday realities of Filipinos impacted by the LCP. And for us to simply say that we’re losing opportunities to come to Canada is a misgucomment_IDed view of the situation.

  5. I agree with the Minister that changes are needed to the LCP. However, the reality is that the changes that have been made really do not do much to help either caregivers or families. Is Minister Kenney anti-immigrant? I don’t know, but there does seems to be some kind of ulterior motive embedded in these changes.

  6. The Reform Party advocated an immigration policy based solely on the economic needs of Canada. Reform’s early policy proposals for immigration were seen as highly controversial in Canada including a policy pamphlet called Blue Sheet that was issued in mcomment_ID-1991 stating that Reformers opposed “any immigration based on race or creed or designed to radically or suddenly alter the ethnic makeup of Canada”

    The above was taken from the Reform Party platform on Wikipedia. As we know the present Conservative Government used to be the Reform Party. Many of those MPs in the Government now were once card bearing Reformers.

    Now you can understand why Jason Kenney is implementing the current changes to the LCP and all the red tape there is now to hire an overseas Live-in Caregiver.

    As an Employment Agency we see many families looking for Caregivers and there is so few now.

  7. Jason Kenny is the best Immigration Minister this Country has ever had.
    He inheritied a cess pool from the Liberal Government and has done wonders with it since taking over. He would do even better if he dcomment_IDn’t have Iggy telling him “it was his way or the highway” when Mr. Kenny put forward changes to the Refugee laws.
    Keep bringing in those Immigrants/Refugee Terrorists Iggy. Pretty soon they will totally take us over.

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