Helena Guergis, back in action in the House — and she has a new website!

One June 4th, Helena Guergis made what is, as far as I know, only her second appearance in the House of Commons since her dismissal from the Conservative caucus. I have to feel bad for the constituents of her Simcoe-Grey riding, who went from having one of the Conservative’s rising stars as their MP to a largely MIA Independent. No more pork barrel projects for Wasaga Beach, folks.

Anyhow, Ms. Guergis was given her first chance to fire back at the government in Question Period today. The results were rather interesting:

I kind of got lost track of what Ms. Guergis was saying the first time watching this because of her unusual pronunciation of Derrick Snowdy’s last name (saying the "ow" part like "ow, I hurt myself" — is that correct?). Anyway, if you want to read the Hansard transcript of the exchange, as well as some excellent commentary, you can head over to Helena Guergis has new friends.

Here’s the part of this whole story I don’t understand. Now, it’s the government’s position that Stephen Harper explained to Ms. Guergis the allegations that were being brought against here. She denies this. But, if we believe Ms. Guergis, the scenario is kind of bizarre. Did Mr. Harper really call her up and say, "We’re sicking the RCMP on you. Don’t ask why. And by the way, we’re kicking you out of caucus"? And, upon hearing this, would Ms. Guergis really comply? I mean, what would you do if your employer said this to you? I’ve never been in the position, so I guess I wouldn’t know.

On the other hand, it is rather odd that the Conservatives are being so tight-lipped about what the actual charges are. What do they have to hide by telling us what they think Ms. Guergis – and/or her husband, Rahim Jaffer – were up to? A bit of bad press? The opposition parties are hardly climbing in the polls. One thinks that the Conservatives could absorb the blow — unless it was something really, really bad. Hmm.

In other Guergis news, you may have noticed that the link in the first paragraph takes you to Ms. Guergis’ brand new website. Note that this one is at "www.helenaguergis.com", not ".ca". The ".ca" website still takes you to a blank page.

It kind of makes you wonder why she switched domains. Do the Conservatives still own the right to the ".ca" domain? If so, are they actually so petty that they won’t give it up? Maybe I’ll look into this a little more sometime.

Anyway, as you can see, the new website is has removed all signs of her former Conservative affiliation. It’s still blue, but a slightly darker blue:

Don’t ask me about the picture of the the house and the official government type thing in the top-right corner. Your guess is as good as mine.

Anyway, it does look like Ms. Guergis is trying to lay the foundation for a comeback of sorts. Of course, much of what happens next will depend on how the RCMP investigation turns out.

We’ll see.

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