Street Corners for Pro-Choices

So I read this article last night and as my friend said, I flew into "indignation."  The group, Show the Truth, have huge billboards of "pictures of abortions." Of course the pictures are deceptive. That is where I come in. 
They are coming to a city near mine, so this morning I flew into action. I know exactly 2 politicians and 2 media personalities. One politician is away (as per her email auto-reply) but the other one has jumped on board as she heads to the airport. I am in the process of organizing as many people as possible to meet this group on Friday in Burlington. From the author of this article I learned that they went to 3 intersections, one at 8am, 12pm and 4pm, for 90 minutes each. They tried to send out a press release but sent it to the wrong person. So I have my fingers crossed that they have contacted the Burlington paper with details. If not, I will try and get the information from the local "pro-life" group. That is going to take a herculean effort to sound like an anti. So today, instead of going to the beach, my friend and I are making posters. Tomorrow we are going to drive aimlessly until we find them (if we can’t get a location), and then we are going to "join" them. I will have my camera and I will get pictures. I am looking forward to intervening on behalf of every woman in the world, even the women that attend with them.
Tomorrow, I’m going to tweet #streetcornersforchoice. What are you doing?
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