Feminism and Compromise and Guns

My latest guest post is up at Small Strokes. I talk about what it means to compromise as a feminist and why it is an important part of feminism, rather than a bad things.
Some other interesting things I’ve read lately include a discussion about corporal punishment being used in American schools, which I find to be absolutely abhorrent. Children who are abused, be it by their parents or their schools, often grow up to be abusers. Violence against women and children is unacceptable and it is possible to raise well-behaved children without striking them. 
There is also a huge vote in the Canadian House of Commons on September 22 regarding the long gun registry. Up here, firearm owners are (currently) required to register their guns. This lets police know who has what guns. The current Conservative government, in an attempt to pander to their rural and religious base are trying to abolish the registry for long gunsNurses in Canada want to keep the registry, ER Doctors want to keep the Registry, the Liberals are united to keep the registry, and the self-proclaimed Tough-on-Crime Tories are being urged by the RCMP and the police to keep the registry. The only people who don’t want to keep the registry are the minority long gun owners who are happy to sacrifice the safety of the majority because the registry is inconvenient. Well in Canada we have to register our cars, so I don’t see why requiring people to register their guns, a machine made solely for killing, is such a big deal. If the life of one police officer, woman or child is saved because of the registry, it is worth every penny.
The Tories are united against the lives of women and cops; the Liberals are united in their support of women and cops; the NDP are split by the location of their riding. NDP leader Jack Layton swears he has the votes to save the registry, but if he really wants to save lives, he’d whip the vote and require his caucus to vote to save lives. I don’t generally agree with whipping the vote, but there are some instances where the government must take the lead. Gay marriage was one issue that was not left up to the majority to decide on (tyranny of the majority) and the gun registry is another instance where the government must not let the minority dictate safety. Guns kill people, plain and simple.

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  1. Inanimate objects don’t kill people.

    Inanimate objects used by indivcomment_IDuals with the intention to murder kill people.

    There is a big difference between the two.

  2. If a woman is a hunter and shooter, can she be a feminist, too? Just asking, because I have an eight-year old little girl who is learning to fire an air-rifle, and I want her to be the strongest, most independent and well-loved grown woman she can be. But I wouldn’t want to incur the wrath of the “official feminists”, or have them exclude her from their little club. That would be bad.

  3. If the life of one police officer, woman or child is saved because of the registry, it is worth every penny.

    Conversely, if the registry got an officer killed then we should get rcomment_ID of it.

    Look up Constable Daniel Tessier. Trusting a database to tell you that there are no firearms at the local drug dealer’s place is just dumb.

    Licensing screens and trains people. Registration does nothing.

  4. Wow I have seen some missandric blogs in the past.

    But I think you actually just took the lead.

    Ditto for blogs on issues for which the author hs zero experience or information on.

    Great job………not

  5. 20 states school disciplinary practices promote violence and sexual abuse of children. Physical/Corporal Punishment is where teachers legally hit school children with wooden paddles to deliberately inflict physical pain and suffering as punishment in schools in 20 U.S. states, (these actions constitute sexual assault when done to a non-consenting adult),when the practice is already illegal in schools in 30 states and prohibited by Federal law in prisons and juvenile detention centers. For a real education of what is really happening to our children in our tax-payer funded schools simply type “A Violent Education” and “School is Not Supposed to Hurt” into an internet search engine to review recent shocking reports.

    U.S. Congress H.R. 5628 “Ending Corporal Punishment in Schools Act” was introduced to Congress on June 29th by Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-N.Y.)

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