Where’s Waldino? Oh I Meant Julian Fantino

The now fully established standard operation procedure for Conservative candidates is really quite disturbing, maybe moreso because they seem to pull it off with little recourse. The latest installment, tough guy Julian Fantino afraid of voters armed with questions, some maybe loaded even:

Fantino’s camp has cleared things up: Mr. Fantino will attend the Rogers debate (to be aired Nov. 23, but prerecorded). On Nov. 23, though, he has a family commitment to attend to that evening and cannot attend the Citizen’s debate. Stephen Lecce from Fantino’s campaign says they weren’t given any options for debate dates.

Of note, Fantino’s camp was offered Nov 16 for the same debate, but also declined that date, so this excuse of no options is categorically false. Fantino has agreed to the Rogers debate, which just so happens to NOT include an audience, unscripted questions, media and is moderated by a former Harris cabinet minister.

It’s just pathetic, the way these Conservative candidates do the bare minimum, in terms of exposure. We’ve seen the same in Winnipeg North, and the examples are endless during previous bi-elections and/or general elections. What are they afraid of? Are these Conservative candidates so inept and incompetent that they can’t face the voters? Every party thinks they have the solutions, everyone has a point of view, an audience, so to actually fear exposure and dialogue, it’s just an affront to the pure notion of grassroots democracy.

I keep ending up in the same place these days. Astounded on one level, then resigned, because the Conservatives DO get away with this endless crap. Fantino should be drawing the rage of voters for this peekaboo style of campaign he is running. And yet…. 

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