Dates: October 26, 2013 to October 26, 2013
Location: 99 Sudbury
Breakandenter x Mansion present. SLAUGHTERHAUS @ 99 Sudbury [Gallery] A blood soaked, industrial Halloween horror show with Berghain resident Marcel Fengler, alongside a diverse selection of Toronto talent. We’ll be transforming 99 Sudbury’s Gallery into an immersive multi-room A/V labyrinth of tortured techno, hallowed house, and dark disco, with a delicious pig roast just outdoors. OFFICIAL TRAILER: LINE-UP Marcel Fengler [Ostgut Ton – Berlin] Marcel Fengler is one of the residents of Berlin’s Berghain. In Marcel Fenglers world, opposites attract. Ambient and electronica are equal parts in his sets that owe as much to the UKs progressive school of relentless techno as they do to that special Berghain sound. A dictum created by music journalists and a description that is as diverging as Berghains resident DJs. Being one of them since day one, Fengler made his very own and selfconfident contribution to that sound. He really knows his craft. Andycapp [Bang The Party – TO] Fabio Palermo [Box of Kittens – TO] Gingy [Turbo Recordings – TO] Jamie Kidd [Box Of Kittens/Thoughtless – Berlin] Jeremy Glenn [Future Classic – TO] Martin Fazekas [Breakandenter – TO] Members Only [Evening Standard – TO] Mike Gibbs [Box Of Kittens – TO] R+D [TO] A/V ARTISTS + EXTRAS Artefact [Foundry/Mansion – TO] Nate Kogan [TO] Timur Musabay [TO] + Sound by Blair Williams [Zero Percent – TO] SLAUGHTERHAUS PIG ROAST by Nicholas Morra [Acadia – TO] Main: Rootbeer glazed suckling pig sandwiches, on milk buns, with spicy apple chutney, and classic slaw. Vegetarian: Sharp cheddar grilled cheese sandwich with arugula pesto, and homemade ketchup, pickle. ADMISSION 200 x $20 Early Bird Tickets [SOLD OUT] 400 x $25 Advance Tickets [Available] 150 x $30 Regular Tickets [Available] ONLINE: Physical tickets available at Soundscapes, Play De Record, and Rotate This.

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