Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Recap: Robert

Josh Chan is the villain in his own story.

Tonight’s season finale of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend focused on Josh (Vincent Rodriguez III) and Rebecca’s (Rachel Bloom) wedding. Of course, most suspected the wedding wouldn’t happen — Rebecca still had her own issues to address, and Josh was apprehensive, too. And — spoiler alert — they didn’t get married, but that doesn’t mean the episode didn’t have plenty of twists.

First of all, I want to give a shoutout to my husband, who predicted during the bachelor party scene that Josh would become a priest. Clearly, the wrong one of us is writing these recaps. The clues were all there, and they have been for the whole season; we just didn’t take them in.

Both Father Brah (Rene Gube) and Alex (Eugene Cordero) told Josh earlier this season that he had a tendency to attach himself to relationships because he didn’t want to be alone with himself. And “Thought Bubbles” played in the background while Josh got dressed for the wedding. It’s always been apparent that Josh is the “relationship guy” his friends and boss say he is. We just didn’t realize that he’d choose to define himself by a spiritual relationship instead of a romantic one.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has always been noteworthy for its portrayal of religion. Both of its lead characters come from religious backgrounds, and spirituality plays a big part in both of their lives. We saw Rebecca deal with the perception of her East Coast Jewish upbringing in “Remember That We Suffered,” and we’ve seen Josh’s desire for spiritual connection in his conversations with Father Brah. Rebecca doesn’t believe in God, though that was never really a point of contention between her and Josh. But the way the show presented characters like Father Brah and Rabbi Shari was never mocking or derogatory. A lot of the time, spirituality and guidance from Father Brah really did guide Josh’s life journey.

All that to say: If Josh does become a priest, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend will handle it in a thoughtful way. Josh may have truly found his purpose in life. Yes, it came at the expense of his own wedding, but he still discovered his calling after years of uncertainty. And that’s something to be celebrated. Even if he was the villain of the wedding. Surely, he could have at least sent Rebecca a text after failing to show up to his own nuptials.

But now, let’s talk about the biggest shocker from the episode, which came in the last five minutes. It turns out that Rebecca spent time being treated in a mental health facility.

Until this point, we, the audience, were unaware of the severity of Rebecca’s mental health issues. We knew she’d tried to commit suicide at some point, and that she had a nervous breakdown from a stressful law career. But we had no idea that she’d been tried in court for arson.

It turns out, Rebecca hadn’t always planned to go to Yale Law School. She’d originally wanted to earn her law degree from Harvard, where she received her undergraduate degree. But an affair with a professor, Robert, led to heartbreak when he decided he wasn’t going to leave his wife and marry Rebecca after all.

Through flashbacks, we see Rebecca light some of Robert’s stuff on fire, along with a wedding veil she bought to elope with him. Then, she’s in court alongside her mother, Naomi (Tovah Feldshuh). Naomi pleads with the judge that Rebecca is “just a girl in love” who “can’t be held responsible for her actions.” Sound familiar? It turns out the theme song’s message about love making people “crazy” was a way bigger clue about Rebecca’s past than we realized. (Rebecca tells the judge she has “no underlying issues to address,” which appears to be the judge’s deciding factor in sending her to the facility.)

Once there, we see two nurses discussing Rebecca’s tendency to sing to herself. It looks like we didn’t pick up on the whole “certifiably cute” thing from the theme.

It’s not clear how long Rebecca was being treated there before she went to Yale Law School. (Or maybe, as my husband is now joking, she’s still there, being fed tiny pretzels, and the whole show is in her imagination.) But it adds a lot more depth to her character, and it gives us a lot more context about her relationship to her mom. The show is a comedy, but knowing how much Rebecca has really suffered from all these years puts things in perspective about why she is this way now. It will definitely be interesting to see where Season Three takes us — it’s safe to say we’ll be seeing a lot more of Dr. Akopian (Michael Hyatt).

We’re all too shook from that reveal to think about much else, but here’s the rest of what happened in the season two finale:

Rebecca kicked her dad out of her life for good. Not only that, but Nathaniel called him a dick, too. Excellent.

Darryl told White Josh he wants to have a baby. That’s one way to get over the fact that White Josh isn’t interested in marriage.

Rebecca told Paula that Josh “must be destroyed” — and Paula asked what she had in mind. An ominous end to the episode, it looks like season three could see the return of the pair’s hijinks.

Trent! Let’s all agree that as serious as this episode was, the best part was when Trent said he was delayed giving the blackmail envelope to Josh because he couldn’t find a big enough “top secret” stamp.

Hector and his mom have a dating podcast. Okay, fine, that’s not really an important storyline — but it’s hilarious!

Mr. and Mrs. Chan are the perfect peanut gallery. We need more of their side commentary to lighten things up every so often.

Greg was nowhere to be found. Yes, Santino Fontana left the show. But we really hoped Greg would attend his best friend’s wedding.

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