Once Upon A Time, The National Enquirer Loved Catching Politicians Up To No Good

In The Front Runner, Hugh Jackman nails the role of the idealistic presidential hopeful Gary Hart, who, in 1987, had droves of devoted youthful supporters and was predicted to win the 1988 election. Hart was outraged when reporters sniffed out a potential scandal and started digging into his private life. They found evidence of cheating with a young woman from Miami, Donna Rice. Before this, politicians had been “protected” – newspaper editors avoided scandal. But more women in the newsrooms and technology changed that old boys club.
Hart arrogantly refused to answer questions about adultery and fearing the worst, he dropped out of running. Here’s where the movie was a huge disappointment: People were a bit unsure about his guilt UNTIL The National Enquirer published the famous cover photo above. THAT ended Hart’s career, but there was NO mention in the film! The tabloid should get credit for this public service! Too bad The Enquirer is not interested in personal accountability for politicians TODAY…

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