Catherine Zeta-jones: The Truth, Just Not The Whole Truth

It’s undeniably a good thing that Catherine Zeta-Jones is calling attention to bi-polar disorder by admitting that she has checked into treatment centers more than once. She’s being released today after three weeks of health care. But she’s not being entirely open. Catherine says she checks into rehab for help in regulating her medication, but the problem is bigger than that. Bi-polar people frequently abuse alcohol and drugs to make themselves feel better or calmer. Her hospitalization in 2011 was at a detox center and Catherine is known to be a drinker and chainsmoker. All things point to the fact that Catherine’s disorder causes her to abuse substances and THAT’S the real reason she checks into treatment centers. This is the part of the disorder that some people don’t like to talk about, but it’s very common and should be addressed.

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