Justin Bieber Doesn’t Need Rehab – He Needs A Decent Father

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Justin Bieber Doesn’t Need Rehab – He Needs A Decent Father

Justin Bieber doesn’t need rehab. He’s smoking a lot of pot to impress his low-lifefriends. His driving arrest revealed that he barely had one drink and the fact that no drugs were found on him indicates that substances are not his real problem. It’s his BEHAVIOR – and his own father is the worst influence. Maybe the fact that his father Jeremy abandoned him and his mother when he was 10 months old and left them to forage for themselves has something to do with it. That same loser tattooed father reappeared after Justin became successful and now he loves to pal around with him and even dress like him. A year or so ago, nude sex photos of Jeremy were being shopped around – possibly from a gay adult film he did when he needed money. Now he’s Justin’s “best friend” – one of the guys – and they go drinking together. Jeremy is trying to convince Justin to finance an “upscale tattoo parlor” he hopes to open. In Beverly Hills? An upscale TATTOO REMOVAL parlor sounds more profitable! (Above, Jeremy is talking to lawyers after Justin’s recent arrest.)

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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