Omigosh! The Enquirer Claims Philip Seymour Hoffman Was A Closet Gay

The Enquirer’s sensational claim that Philip Seymour Hoffman was having a gay relationship with his best friend and co-writer David Bar Katz has the showbiz world in a turmoil. From what we’ve heard so far, the magazine claims to have an interview with Katz in which he admits that Hoffman was torn by his gay impulses, and his sexual ambivalence and the drug use destroyed his relationship with the mother of his children. Now it makes sense that if Katz WAS Hoffman’s secret lover, he knows he won’t inherit anything, so he might as well sell his story. But now Katz says he NEVER told the Enquirer he had a relationship with Hoffman! What’s going on here? The Enquirer doesn’t take chances on lawsuits unless they have plenty of proof. Their lawyers okay every word in the magazine. Has the Enquirer crossed the line? This will be a VERY interesting story as it develops.

Photo Credit: Hoffman at Sundance 2014 Pacific Coast News

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