Remember Sly Stone And His Solid Gold Wedding?

Back in 1974, Sly (of Sly and The Family Stone) got MARRIED to his girlfriend Kathy Silva at a bizarre ceremony in New York and WE WERE THERE! To be honest we don’t remember a lot of the details. but we do recall that plenty of New York celebrities were there like Andy Warhol. It was a big deal with lots of publicity and paparazzi. The ceremony took place in Madison Square Garden, of all places, and the reception was at the Waldorf hotel Starlight Roof. Sly and Kathy were dressed in gold byHalston and all guests were urged to wear gold also. The brainy staff atDangerous Minds dug up all kinds of information about the forgotten event and it certainly brought back memories. The video shows a bit of the ceremony plus snippets of reports from a young Geraldo Rivera! In those days, Sly kept his cocaine in pocket size film canisters – the kind you brought to the drugstore to be developed. He figured police wouldn’t open them and risk ruining the photos.

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