Harry Connick Jr Was Not “inappropriate” With Girl On American Idol

On American Idol this week, Harry Connick Jr spontaneously hoisted a 12 year old girl (named Nicole) in the audience up on his shoulders because she couldn’t see over the taller kids standing in front of her. It was perfectly innocent, but he’s now taking criticism from online snarks saying the act was ‘inappropriate” and worse. Remember he IS a father, and he’s playful with his own kids. The girl’s mother was right there and fine with it. There were kids grabbing at her from the back and the girl flinched once or twice but besides being a little nervous about falling, she was THRILLED. Later, Harry called the family to make sure everything was all right and the mom described him as “respectful and sweet.” THEY didn’t find him offensive in any way, and neither do we.

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