Shia Labeouf Is More Than Just Eccentric

Shia LaBeouf remains an appealing actor in spite of his crazyisms. He’s always been a bit of a crackpot and a bigger drinker than anyone suspected. Shia appeared at the Berlin Film Festival wearing a brown paper bag on his head in some sort of protest about being famous. He’s been in bar brawls and a car accident that crushed his left hand, but that didn’t stop him from threatening a neighbor with a knife. He dabbled in “performance art” which only James Franco seemed to understand. Shia produced a short film and wrote comic books and was accused of plagerizing it all. His apology was plagerized also. After his arrest for disrupting a performance of Cabaret, he was seen going to AA meetings. His movie “Fury” with Brad Pitt comes out this week. (Above, Shia in pink spandex tights)

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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