We loved watching Entourage on TV and couldn’t wait to see the movie, despite negative reviews. What a letdown. The naïve wide-eyed young men who just arrived in Hollywood from Queens were gone. We could no longer identify with them because success had turned Vinnie and his pals into those self centered white men who celebrate excess and male privilege in Hollywood. Ego, money, and trophy women were all that mattered. Almost all the guys became as obnoxious as Ari Gold and HIS overacting was unbearable. The F word was in almost every line of dialogue – have never seen ANY movie with more F bombs. EvenJessica Alba awkwardly hurled several in her brief cameo. Jessica Alba! In fact EVERY guest star used the F word repeatedly. The guys we liked on TV had morphed into first class sexist jerks. Success has obviously gone to writer/director Doug Ellin’s head and he’s turned into a real lifeAri Gold. It’s not pretty.
Afterthought: The movie’s opening credits were awesome and photography was exceptional.

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