“We fulfil women’s costume fantasies and nothing more” – John Abraham

John Abraham
John Abraham
There are actors with excess baggage, actors wearing ego on their sleeves, actors with over confidence. All this and then there’s John Abraham. Believe you me, he is one of the most emotional and soft people you’ll ever find in our film fraternity. Punctual, polite and particular with who so ever is sitting in front of him, John makes you feel as if you’re family when you talk to him. Another key to his appeal is, perhaps, his neat, unthreatening, handsome-but-not-too-handsome appearance. At a glance, John looks like a regular guy, but then he smiles and there’s an almost an Italian Stallion-like aspect to his features. I meant Slyvester Stallone kinds – he’s beefed up and has a grunge voice with smartness that reflects in his body language. John’s a dear friend and I can honestly tell you that the most beautiful part of Abraham is his brain and his muscles. It’s as if his muscles are connected to his brain in a different way. So when he thinks, you predict the muscles will go one way, and they actually go the other. And whether you talk about his Dostana, his Housefull 2 or Desi Boyz, I’m convinced that there’s much more to John’s success than just slapstick. For the moment, I bring you the latter in this Part one exclusive only on Bollywood Hungama.
“I am relived and I’m happy that I’m back, very forcefully”
I am relived and I’m happy that I’m back, very forcefully. I think it’s important for people like me to understand that Force was even beyond just a normal film for me. It was a test for me than more ways than one. The film got released with thirteen other movies in those two weeks. Force was a film with no established ‘Dharma’ or ‘Yash Raj’ backing. Nishikant had only one film behind him at that time and I was told that only I had to deliver. But honestly, we all delivered by the end of the day.
“I play ‘Hunter’ but in real life I would love to be the ‘hunted’ and would love to have a balance equation with my producers”
Well, I don’t know whether I am the ‘Hunter’ or the ‘hunted’ (laughs) after Force. In Desi Boyz, I definitely hunt my clients down. In real life, I would love to be hunted and would love to have a balance equation with my producers. I am a producer’s actor. I’ve always been a director’s actor too. I come on time, I do my work, I have no unnecessary costs of baggage attached to me, I am very clear about everything in black and white before I start off. I am low maintenance and I guess that’s why I am a producer’s actor (laughs). Yes, as a person I am soft, I am a little emotional and that can’t change. That’s always going to be a part of me that everyone knows.
“It’s a film where we fulfil women’s costume fantasies and nothing more”
We aren’t strippers in Desi Boyz. We are male escorts. Desi Boyz is a very clean film. It’s a film where we fulfil women’s costume fantasies (laughs) and nothing more. We spread the love that way. Rohit was very cognisant about the fact that this film has to reach out to everyone. You can take your niece or your grandmother for this film without them being offended. It doesn’t have any nudity. It’s a film that doesn’t even have a villain (laughs). Desi Boyz is high on content and just not the comedy. I am a big fan of slapstick comedy. Housefull 2 is slapstick too. But in this film Rohit has tweaked the humour with content so brilliantly.
“Desi Boyz is a very clean film that even your grandmother can go and watch”
Yes, Desi Boyz has got an A certificate and it’s a shocker for me when I came to know that. I guess the idea of male escorts mustn’t have gone down so well with the audiences and of course our censor board. But when you see the film, you’ll realise it’s a clean film and then one will ask a question – Why the hell did a film like Desi Boyz get an A certificate? Take this! Force was U/A without cuts. But at least I am riding lucky on ‘A’ as of now (laughs).
“I feel happy going on the sets even on a sad day. That’s what Akshay does to you”
Akshay is unbelievable. This guy seems to be getting better looking and fitter with age. He is such a positive guy with such positive energy that I feel happy going on the sets even on a sad day. I just feel happy seeing Akshay. I really say this in honest truth – If I go down memory lane and count the number of people who’ve made me happy, and then he will probably be at the number one position in my list. He is an older brother and a good human being. Our chemistry off screen is exactly our chemistry on screen. There is a smile of our face even though we are screaming.
“Chitrangda and Deepika are the only two actresses who’ve got numbers of two male escorts”
Chitrangda and Deepika are looking unbelievably hot in Desi Boyz. Yes, the Desi Girlz are looking ‘smokin hot’. Both have got amazing roles. Both have played out their roles so well. And let me tell you, they are the only fortunate actresses who’ve got numbers of two male escorts (laughs).
Watch this space for Part 2 of John’s interview. To be continued…

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