Sunny Leone who adopted a baby girl recently reacts to death of little Sherin Mathews’

This article was last updated on June 18, 2022

Sunny Leone who adopted a baby girl

Sunny Leone has never been in a happier place. Bringing home an adopted baby girl Nisha has completely changed her life. When Sunny heard of the death of little Sherin Mathew, the adopted Indian baby who was found dead outside her adoptive home in the US, Sunny Leone was deeply affected.

Says Sunny, “There are things like this happening all over the place and around us. All I can say to others out there is keep your eyes and ears always open and if you see or hear anything suspicious please report it. It’s very sad to hear about this.”

Brightening up at the mention of little Nisha, Sunny Leone says her daughter has changed her life. “Everything has changed, and all for the better. Nisha is the best thing that has ever happened in my life. Every single time I see her, she puts a smile on my face and she is so loving and caring. Daniel and I are truly blessed.”

A lot of changes have come about in Sunny’s schedules and professional commitments , thanks to the shift in her priorities. “My life now revolves around Nisha but I am ok with that because I have wanted a little girl for a very very long time.”

Sunny Leone and her husband recently celebrated Nisha’s birthday in the US. Sunny and Daniel made sure their baby had a great time.

Beams Sunny, “Daniel’s extended family threw Nisha a birthday lunch at our family reunion we do once a year in Arizona. Then we took her to Disneyland with our very good friends and their kids her age and Daniel and I threw her a big party at home with a bounce house and slide, kids games everywhere, snow cone machine, a chef cooking up a special BBQ for everyone, fun photo booth with many props for all her guests and decorations and I purchased 6 cakes, biggest one for Nisha and then the others for each of her friends.”

It was almost like Sunny Leone and Daniel were making up for the one birthday that they missed out in their daughter’s life. Says Sunny, “I am not sure what Nisha’s first birthday was like but Daniel and I did our best to make sure she had a great day and it was also very emotional for us because it was her first birthday with us as a family.”

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