I could be vampire schizophrenic or serial killer – Neil on 3G

I could be vampire schizophrenic or serial killer - Neil on 3G

Even though David hasn't done well commercially, Neil Nitin Mukesh is undeterred due to reasons more than one. First and foremost he has seen some all around appreciation coming for his act in the film. Moreover with some select critical acclaim being reserved for his track and a good line up of films ahead of him, there is a lot to look forward to for the youngster. What also stood out once again was the manner in which he approached the role of a gangster who had an emotional side to him even as he hunted for the truth while battling his inner demons when it came to the love of his life.

"I am stunned to see the kind of accolades that have come ever since the release of the film. When audience appreciates you, it is a good thing in its own way. However, when the industry too acknowledges what you have done and comes forward to support your act, it is an altogether different high. The last time this happened to me in such a unanimous manner was more than half a decade back when Johnny Gaddaar (2007) had released. Today I am reliving the same moment", says Neil.

Now that 3G is up for release, he is confident about a good outing ahead. More so since the film is entirely centered on him and pretty much positions him in a territory that he has made his own.

"Yes, 3G is a psychological thriller which leaves you with a lot of question marks as it moves ahead. You try to figure whether this man is a vampire, someone possessed, schizophrenic, split personality or a serial killer. It was all the more fun for me to step into this arena since my father and I have been the biggest fans of horror and simply love the genre. Ever since a kid I have been watching these films and today I am a part of one such story", he says.

In this story, he has Sonal Chauhan as his partner who is also looking at making a comeback of sorts to the big screens. With the pairing look good on screen, one wonders whether this could turn out to be the hot new 'jodi' in the B-town.

Says Neil after a pause, "I am not too sure whether we would be the new 'jodi' in town. However, I am glad that she is a part of the film. I am really happy for her."

Now one waits to see how has the director duo of Sheershak Anand and Shantanu Ray Chhibber brought the pair together for this co-production of Sunil Lulla and Viki Rajani that promises to unleash some fear on screen. Exactly four years back when the same production team had come together with Sheershak and Shantanu in the capacity of co-writers, the result was Aa Dekhen Zara (2009) that unfortunately failed commercially due to the multiplex strike. One hopes the results are different this time around.

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