Ali Zafar – You Must Go Out And Vote On The 11th of May

Ali Zafar

Ali Zafar

Ali Zafar yet again proves to be a patriotic Pakistani. He recently shortened his U.S tour and delayed his trip to the Cannes film festival, to come back to Pakistan and cast his vote and inspire and motivate others in doing the same.

He is being seen overly active on social media at playing his role as a youth icon to motivate people to come out on the 11th to cast their vote. One of his tweets was “No matter who you vote for, you must go out and vote on the 11th of May“.

In times where we have seen many artists leaving Pakistan after achieving popularity and success in India or overseas, it is delightful to see someone like him keeping his roots intact and giving back his due to the country that gave him his.

While Ali is seeing not hesitating for political activism some famous artists who also made it big in India, still nowhere to be seen in paying their part in getting the youth out. May be Ali Zafar will inspire with also in coming days.

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