Saif Ali Khan to take home Lucknow memories

Saif to take home Lucknow memories

It is a known fact that Saif Ali Khan pretty much turned into a resident of Lucknow after shooting in the city extensively for Bullett Raja. What is not known though is that in the suite where he stayed for this extended duration, he ended up collecting quite a few artifacts as well. Now he is making sure that on his return, everything goes back to Mumbai where he lives.

"Saif likes to have a home away from home and can't imagine being secured in a hotel suite, howsoever lavish the arrangements may be. Especially when he is out there for a real long schedule, as has been the case with Bullett Raja, he pretty much sets his surrounding as per his liking. This is what he did in Lucknow as well," informs a crew member.

As a result, over a period of few weeks spent in the city, Saif ended up collecting quite a few artifacts, most notable of them being a traditional carpet which has turned out to be his prized possession.

"Not just that as he also made sure that electronics items made available in the suite didn't belong to the standard kind that were fixed throughout the hotel but were exactly as per his needs," the crew member adds, "He ended up buying a state of art music system and a DVD player too. To top it all, he made sure he had some good whiskey as well as books for company. Eventually, his suite was more or less on the same lines as his residence back in Mumbai."

"And all of these things are now going back with me to Mumbai," smiles Saif, "Since I almost moved in to Lucknow, it was necessary that I arrange all of it."

Quiz him if he is as interested in household shopping as well with wifey Kareena and he smiles, "Naah, boring regular kind of stuff doesn't interest me. I do like to pick and choose some good work of art though. My personal favourites stay on to be some nice glasses and carpets. I like to collect them from all over."

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