Rishi Kapoor suggests Ayushmann to slow down

Rishi Kapoor suggests Ayushmann to slow down

A veteran of close to 150 films and being a part of the industry for over four decades, Rishi Kapoor continues to have a child like enthusiasm towards the film that he picks and the characters that he plays. No wonder, he likes his co-stars to deliver their best as well and instead of staying in a corner and expecting them to up their act, he likes to step into the arena and share runtime feedback with them so as to ensure a collective and quicker learning exercise.

This is something that Ayushmann Khurranna realized as well when he shared screen with the veteran actor for Bewakoofiyaan. For the two film old actor, it was the best coaching that he could have possibly enjoyed, what with the living legend of the First Family of Bollywood making an effort to help him better his performance.

"For starters, Rishiji suggested Ayushmann that he slows down his dialogue delivery," informs a source, "He has a natural tendency to speak fast and his body language is inherently aggressive too. Rishiji observed this within a couple of days of shooting with the youngster. He had a good conversation with Ayushmann where he explained to him the benefits of slowing down and also being much more relaxed in front of the camera."

For Ayushmann, it was one golden opportunity in itself, what with a senior actor of Rishi Kapoor's caliber actually spending time with him to hone his skills better.

"Yes indeed," acknowledges Ayushmann, "Being a Punjabi, I have a tendency of speaking too fast. So he would point that out to me whenever I strayed and told me to slow down. Not just that as he used to calm me down as an actor."

Set in a corporate world, the film has Ayushmann playing a youngster working in an airlines company who has been caught in recession with Rishi Kapoor playing an IAS officer who stays in a Government residency and enjoys a ride in an official car with a red beacon to boast!

"The cultural clash on screen wouldn't have come out so beautifully if not for the kind of comfort zone that Rishiji brought me into," says Ayushmann, "Oh yes, at times I saw my director Nupur (Asthana) and he getting into this chit-chat of sorts when she wanted a shot to be taken all over again. Though he is a one take actor, it sometimes takes me a while to warm up. So when Nupur requested for a retake, Rishiji used to show his mock annoyance in his own style but nonetheless obliged. He always loved me and did whatever it took to ensure that we had the best act together on screen."

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