Birthdays are a big deal for me – Parineeti Chopra turns 26

On October 22 the very perky Parineeti Chopra turns a year older. And the plan is, there is no plan.

"Well, my brother is down. So it will be a family get-together. There is no big party planned as such. In the morning I will be at Yash Raj for the launch of a song from Kill Dil. I've requested the Kill Dil team to let me go before the afternoon, so I can spend the rest of the day with my parents and brother," says the birthday girl who recently gifted herself her first car, a jaguar.

"I also bought a car for my parents. That really made me happy. Next on my wish list is a house. I'm saving up to buy my own place," confesses Parineeti Chopra.

However material things are not the top priority on her birthday wish-list. "What I really want for my birthday is good health for my loved ones. We are what we are because of the people in our lives. What would I be without my family and close friends?"

Parineeti confesses she is big on birthdays. "I've always been a birthday girl. I count the weeks and days before my birthday. And if someone close to me forgets my birthday, I am heartbroken. I also love the cake. I can't have enough of it."

And what about that special someone in her life?

Parineeti Chopra sighs deeply, "It isn't as if I don't want love to happen. I am waiting for it. I am not one of those actresses who says she has no time for love. I firmly believe a personal and professional life are meant to move on parallel tracks. So I am ready for love whenever it is ready for me. And it can be anyone, including someone from the film industry. I don't believe I shouldn't fall in love with someone from the film industry. If and when it happens how can I decide where love will come from?"

So here's wishing Parineeti a love life for her birthday. Actors eligible.

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