Meera Gets Indian Visa and Wards on ‘Face Value’



Meera is pleased to announce at Delhi International Film festival of getting the Indian visa at such short notice. She continued that the poor people of Pakistan and Indiamust be issued with the visa at earliest possible because the people of both countries want to visit each other countries. This is not it. The actress spoke about the Pakistani uneducated women and on the later part of her speech she emphasized on the education of Indianwomen and insists they be given free education.

I am the celebrity and I can get visa but poor people of Pakistan and poor people of India (pay attention now) have no face value…” Pakistani film star Meera droned on as I and I’m sure many other ‘poor people’ fell of their chairs”. Said by Meera.

Pakistani actress Meera also received the Best actress across the border and Best film of the year award at the Delhi festival. “India has beautiful people and industry. I am over whelmed by all the appreciation they’ve showered on me tonight. I would like to thank the embassies who gave me visa on a very short notice.”

Meera also thanked Khalid Hassan – the writer, director and producer of Hotal – She said “I am happy that he has trusted me so much for this role and believed that I will do justice to this character. Mr Khalid has encouraged me to dub the film in my own voice.”

Meera G is in full swing right now upon receiving the award and now planning meetings with various Bollywood directors including her favorite Mahesh Bhatt.

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