I made sure no one dies in Ki and Ka – R Balki

I made sure no one dies in Ki and Ka - R Balki

A little over a year after Shamitabh, director R. Balki is back with Ki & Ka. This time around, he has Kareena Kapoor Khan and Arjun Kapoor as the lead protagonists. Though his films so far (Cheeni Kum, Paa, Shamitabh) may have seen varying degree of success, one can't ignore the fact that he is being original each time around. One wonders if it turns out to be overtly demanding for him to live up to the high expectations each time around. Does it actually turn out to be the case where he is constantly under scrutiny to deliver something that has been never seen before?

"Well, I just believe that every film of mine should be pure," says Balki, "See, there has to be some very good reason to put so much of labour into making a film. There has to be motivation around making something that I have myself never seen before. If I am not making something original, what's the point of wasting my time and other people's time for an entire year?"

So, even as Cheeni Kum marked his arrival as a director par excellence, Paa brought him further glory. On the other hand Shamitabh saw mixed reactions coming its way. Now that he is returning with Ki & Ka, it appears to be much happier affair when compared to the work he has done so far as a feature filmmaker.

"Actually if you look at it, Cheeni Kum was a happy film too. Same holds true for Paa because even though Auro [Amitabh Bachchan] died, he got his parents [Abhishek Bachchan, Vidya Balan] together. Yes, Shamitabh [Amitabh Bachchan, Dhanush] did not have a happy ending. So yeah, this time around with Ki & Ka I made sure that no one had to die. You don't end up shedding any tears. It is a very happy film," chuckles Balki.

He admits though that it wasn't all fun-n-frolic while making the film, despite its happy mood and situations. There had to be good effort in putting it all together, especially since the film was also shot in record time.

"I wish I had a machine where I could put a thought and get a film out of it. However, none of that is possible. It is an excruciating process to make a film. Talent of so many fantastic people goes in there. There has to be ample motivation for everyone in there," says Balki.

He doesn't like to bucket his audience as per the film he envisions.

"That's not correct. As a filmmaker, you can't have your motivation driven by the fact that it would connect with this or that audience. You need to primarily think that whether audience would connect with the thought you are trying to presence. If you can manage to do that as a filmmaker, it turns out to be a win-win situation for all," smiles Balki before signing off.

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