Why Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar prefer well-mannered and patient fans

It's not uncommon when fans post pictures of them posing with celebrities. But when it happens the other way round, it's bound to catch attention. Recently, Salman Khan tweeted and posted a picture of him posing with a kid at the airport. He was impressed with the fact that instead of clicking his picture, the kid stood quietly and when he got the opportunity, he asked Salman for a picture. The superstar has said in his interviews in the past that he is not in favour of people clicking his snaps without even asking him. Salman has always been a large hearted guy and he's not going to refuse especially when there's an opportunity available. Through this tweet, the superstar made it clear how he expects his fans to behave.

On the other hand, a fan had a bad experience when he got too close to Akshay Kumar recently for a selfie, at an airport. The bodyguard pushed the fan away and in the process, gave him a mild punch but it left the fan shaken. If only he had seen Salman's tweet and paid heed to it, he would have not had such an ugly experience.

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