The positive face of Pakistan by Pakistani filmmaker Faraz Waqar 2016

OTHER-ISTAN. The other face of Pakistan.

The Pakistani filmmaker Faraz Waqar who won the award for best Director for his short film in 2015 at the 3rd HUM TV Awards for his previous work  in film is now presenting his latest film titled ‘OTHER-ISTAN – The other face of Pakistan’ at international film festivals in 2016. The film’s message as the title indicates is aimed at the audience that has only seen the negative image of our country from global news media.  The official trailer of the film has been released on social media.

“Pakistanis are totally fed up of our country being shown in a negative light around the world via films and news media.” says the film’s Director, Faraz Waqar. “Is our country only full of terrorists? Are all our women oppressed? Are the only stories worth telling about our country related to suffering minorities and growing extremism?” 

Faraz has the intention of taking the international audience on a very personal journey to a Pakistan that they have never seen. “The international audience is familiar with a Pakistan that they see on the news. But is that negative image of Pakistan merely a fiction created by the global news media?

I was born & raised in Pakistan and I studied and worked in this country. I want to show the audience that has never visited my country, the real face of Pakistan.” says Faraz.  

Faraz Waqar is a graduate of the New York Film Academy, whose previous work includes the short film ‘9:11 am’ that won the 3rd HUM TV Award for best short film in 2015. In 2013, Faraz Waqar presented an experimental silent film ‘Meeooww Billi aur World War 3’ at film festivals that was recognized as Pakistan’s 1st silent film. Faraz’s achievement received extensive coverage in press & on social media in Pakistan.

“The revival of Pakistani cinema is well under way and I am really excited about it.” says Faraz. “Reviving the international image of Pakistan through the film industry should be our goal as filmmakers and that is exactly what I am aiming for with my latest film Other-istan The other face of Pakistan.” says Faraz.

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