We’re not asked to do great things, we’re asked to do all things with great care.” – Martin Sheen

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

This is the quote that opened the November 2012 FreeTheChildren’s WeDay speech by Spencer West.  Mr. West is a world-renowned speaker and athlete.  He only has the top half of his body, his lower half had been amputated at the age of 5 due to a genetic defect. By making his disability his strength, Mr. West encourages others to achieve their goals.  In fact, he is most popular for being the first amputee to ever reach the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro with the use of his hands and a wheelchair.

He is a true example of someone who has a love and appreciation for life.  If we think about it, just coming into being via conception is a miracle – as high as 25% of all recognized pregnancies end up in spontaneous miscarriages.  So, life should be celebrated every moment.  Human-created society norms should not discourage us from celebrating our unique life that may not have all the ingredients determined by societal standards. 

It is in our human nature to fret over what our life lacks compared to others and to ignore what our life has that can be priceless.  For instance, it is common to be jealous of someone who makes more money than us but then we forget that we may have the luxury of simplicity and time.  There may also be a reason that we are not making more money – simplicity and time may be our priorities for a satisfactory life, so it does not make sense to covet a richer life that will steal our priorities.  On the other hand, if our priorities change, we can put that time to good use with either higher education or entrepreneurial ventures.  “Where there is a will, there is a way”. 

Life is exciting – we can make it what we want it to be.  What is right for us is not necessarily right for others.  And we discover what is right for us only by loving our life the way it is.   Then the right opportunities will never pass us by as we have figured out what is best for us.  Even though these opportunities may not be great by the materialistic societal standards, they will be great by our genuine standards.  If we then decide to grab such an opportunity and put our 100% into it, the universe will begin to revolve around us opening up more opportunities that will merge both our and societal standards.  And before we know it, we will bring about revolutionary changes. 

In short, loving our life for what it is will inspire and motivate us to create “heaven on earth”.

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