Hum Style Fashion Awards a Success

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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Hum Q mobile style awards were a breath of fresh air. A combination of fabulous performances, amazing choreography, interesting anecdotes and impeccable organization. The stage was brilliantly conceived and set up.

The red carpet was a set on fire by the who’s who of our fashion and entertainment industry.

The event was set alight with Ahmed Ali hosting it in the initial half along with Ayesha omer. The first performance was not only delightful but also very entertaining. In the latter half Amina sheikh looked confident and delivered a brilliant commentary to take our breadth away.

I really liked the fact that the whole awards featured the Pakistani Music. Not just that the current situation demands that but such awards acknowledging the local music scene will also encourage ancillary industries. The organizers could have played on the Pakistan theme a bit more but we really liked the few who mention not only of Pakistan but also the cause of Pakistan like Kashmir in their acceptance speeches. Ali Zafar‘s “Pakistan Zindabad” resonated with us well as well as Hamza Ali Abbasi’s dedication to struggle of innocent Kashmiris.

There were lot of first awards for nominees in the various categories which just goes to show how deprived and under acknowledged are most segments. But this also shows the acumen and selection process set up by hum style awards management, which has brought forth the people that deserved these awards.

The hosts were very busy bashing their fellow colleagues that it would have been appropriate for bashing the Indian stance on banning Pakistani Talent. But hopefully soon we will look towards doing awards and jokes more on merit and not following the foot steps or the norm set by international awards. I would have personally liked to see a lot more involvement by the industry invitees. Saw them queuing and lining up and arguing to sit in the front rows but when it came to applauding the winners and entertainers they were just not interested. I wanted to hear clapping’s, jeering’s and lot of noise from them, but it was just not there. Hopefully they understand that encouragement by them of their peers will go a long way in making the industry more vibrant.

We only hope that the selection of the winners and even the nominations will not follow the path of other style awards which are supposedly ripe with favoritism.

For now these stand out as the best of the Style awards. We wish Hum Style awards the best for the up coming years and wish that they grow from strength to strength and offer our entertainment community the avenue of growth that it needs.

The winners of the style awards are listed below:

Best male model: Shahzad noor

Best female model: Amna Baber

Hair &make-up artist of the year: Hannan siddique

Fashion photographer of the year: Shahbaz shazi

Fashion Publication of the year: Diva

QMobile rising star: Ashna khan

Most stylist male performer male: Ali zafar

Most stylish male performer female: Meesha shafi

Most stylish sports personality: Shahid Afridi

Designer of the year lawn: Elan

Designer of the year Demi couture: Shehla chator

Retail brand of the year: Apparel Sapphire

Designer of the year fashion jewelery: Amber sami

Designer of the year menswear: Rupublic by omar Farooq

Designer of the year Bridal: Faraz Manan

Style Icon of 2016: Waseem Akram

Most stylish actor television: Hamza Ali Abbasi

Most stylish actress Television: syra Shehroz

Most stylish actor films: Humayun Saeed

Most stylish actress films: Mahira Khan

Excellence in the field of designing: Bunto Kazmi

Excellence in the field of styling: Nabila

Recognition award: Naz Mansha

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