6 New Sites Changing The Way You Shop Online

In our humble opinion, one of the greatest things the Internet has afforded us — apart from celebrating fashion worldwide — is the ability to shop in our pajamas. Don’t get us wrong: We love the experience of stepping foot into a brick-and-mortar and jiving on the general atmosphere, but when you factor in the ease and comfort of online shopping, it really can’t be beat. 

We have our usual standbys — both for realistic purchases and “window”-shopping — but we’re always on the hunt for new shops, rooting out the fresh e-talent. We’ve had the following six sites on our radar for some time now, and thanks to their combination of rad stock and inventive takes on each of their niches, we think they’re going to goreal far. So, go ahead and bookmark ’em all — just hide your Amex, first.


For the Etsy-er: Brika
A members-only site for the Etsy enthusiast, Brika launched in November ’12. Dedicated to bridging the gap between maker and consumer, Brika focuses on introducing e-shoppers to the folks behind the wares they covet. The site carries exclusive goods from crafters across the U.S. as well as well-priced regular collections. Stock fits neatly into several categories — from kiddie-friendly goodies to jewels to the prettiest paper products — and Brika makes it easy to get to virtually know the craftsperson. Head to Brika when you want a bit of a backstory to go along with your stackable bangles. 

Photo: Courtesy of Brika


For Battling Insatiable Wanderlust: L-Atitude
If we had unlimited funds, the first thing we’d indulge in is designer-everything; the second, frequent and exotic travel. But, since we don’t have that unchecked bank account, we’re trying to kill two birds with one stone. Enter L-Atitude. Featuring goods from the far-flung destinations of our dreams — Istanbul, Manila, Bogotá — the site’s taking us there from the comfort of our homes. L-Atitude’s the easy (read: awesomely lazy) way to stock up on Moroccan leather poufs, floaty Mexican blouses, and all the other wonderful souvenirs we’d flock to if we actually had the funds to roam the globe. 

Photo: Courtesy of L-Atitude


For the Beauty-Cabinet Stockpiler: BeautySage
BeautySage isn’t your everyday, run-of-the-mill beauty-product emporium. Launched in May ’12 by YouBeauty, the site’s clean interface and willingness to explain in plain language just what the products they stock do has us totally hooked. Its shtick is to carry only products that really do what they say they’ll do, and in-house chemists check up on even the loftiest of claims. The commitment to carrying stuff from around the world — Natura Siberica from Russia and Snowberry from New Zealand included — is a real icing on the beautiful cake, as is the clear favoritism toward natural products. Head to BeautySage to re-stock your Argan oil supply, or to travel the world through products.

Photo: Courtesy of BeautySage


For Affordable Love from Europe: Evie Knight
Say you wanna get something a little exotic (a.k.a. from across the pond) but aren’t looking to spend a bundle? Evie Knight — founded September ’12 — is your saving grace. Ultra-trendy but incredibly affordable, we see it as the U.K.’s answer to Nasty Gal. Think slick (updated!) overalls, dresses with mesh inserts, galactic-foil-like tops, and rad leggings galore. Don’t sleep on the accessories, either: the sunglasses alone (exaggerated, cartoony frames, lenses with the Virgin Mary) are worth bookmarking. Mostly everything clocks in at under $50, and reasonable flat-rate shipping means we don’t have to feel any guilt about taking our shopping spree international. Head to Evie Knight for a taste of U.K. cool that won’t break even the smallest of piggy banks.

Photo: Courtesy of Evie Knight


For Those with Bottomless Pockets: Giftlab
A sister site of high-end purveyor CoutureLab, U.K.-based GiftLab launched in April ’12. Dedicated to curating the most impossibly luxe gifts, GiftLab aims to take the fright out of big-ticket giving. For your bestie’s birthday, will you gift her a McQueen knucklebox clutch or a veiled headband from Maison Michel Paris? The decisions are endless, as are the good ideas (as longa s your budget is unlimited, of course). Shop by any number of categories, like your recipient’s star sign — we won’t tell — or by gift type; items range from luxe (over-£500 shaving set) to way luxe (£1,000 Delfina Delettrez cuff, anyone?), though there are a few cheaper thrills to be found, too. So, head to GiftLab when a very special something is in order.

Photo: Courtesy of Giftlab


For the Deal Hunter: Tradesy
Hunting for decent stuff on eBay got you down? Tradesy to the rescue. Founded in August ’12, the site is like the easiest way, ever to find great deals on pre-worn designer (and fast-fashion) pieces. Shop by designer or category — for clothing, shoes, accessories and even wedding gear — and find a wealth of finds, typically hovering in the under-$100 range. Plus, there’s no bidding war with Tradesy shopping, which we think gives it a bit of an edge over eBay. It’s also a bit easier to wade through the stock, because you’re a lot more likely to find a better concentration of the good stuff. Head to Tradesy when it’s recent vintage that you seek.

Photo: Courtesy of Tradesy

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