The 10 Things Only Fashion People Love

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Here at R29, we don’t typically live by the codes of conventional, “normal” fashion. When we get dressed in the morning, we tend to grab those kind of out-there, kookier pieces rather than the duds you see everyone wearing on your morning commute. And, we’d venture a guess that, if you’re reading this, you favor those offbeat goods, too. We know you’re a die-hard stylesoul, but maybe some of these fashion things seem just a bit too strange to buy, let alone actually pull off in your everyday life. 

So, our editors huddled together and racked our brains to bring you the ultimate “fashion-kid list.” These are the items we love that may seem a tad out-there for most, but when worn properly, they’re effortlessly cool and ahead of the curve. Essentially, they’re the pieces youneed to test out — if you haven’t already, of course. So, scroll through to check out (and shop) the top 10 items the fashion crowd can’t get enough of — and, yes, that does include leather sweatpants and pajama dressing. 


The Coat-As-Cape Look
Our grandmas have been draping their outerwear for years, but it seems as though just about every street-style star (including us) also caught on to the over-the-shoulder-coat look these past fewseasons. Not practical? We choose to ignore that. Yes, even when the draping makes it so difficult to actually utilize our arms properly that we end up looking like a dinosaur when trying to text orsip coffee. But, hey, at least the nonchalant (“Oh, I just threw it on”) silhouette instantly punches up that effortlessly chic factor a notch.

MSGM Scroll Detail Coat, $401.38, available at Flannels.

Pajama Dressing
There’s honestly nothing we adore more than when we wear a pajama-inspired top (or pants combo) and somebody stops us on the street to ask, “Hey, did you know you’re wearing your pajamas?” As if we didn’t realize. Yes, we’re actually rocking something we would typically sleep in. And, yes, Marc Jacobs so flawlessly proved this is totally acceptable once again in his fall/winter collection. 

Steven Alan Cropped PJ Top, $126, available at Steven Alan.


Neoprene Material 
Are we totally okay with getting a few Star Trek/deep-sea-diving jokes thrown our way? Yes. That’s why a scuba dress made of that thick, stretchy neoprene is heaven on earth. 

Nicholas Melted Scuba Dress, $386, available at Otte New York.


For those days when we’re too lazy to match a top to a bottom, the jumpsuit becomes our new best friend. It’s like a onesie for the real world. And, before you say it looks like a baggy sack, just note that with a pair of sky-high heels and a belt (like on this Isabel Marant Étoile beauty), you can have yourself one easy, effortlessly cool look. 

Isabel Marant Étoile, $571.09, available at Farfetch.


Chunky Heels
The norm: stilettos, ballet flats, strappy sandals. Us: chunksters — the chunkier the heels, the better. All of our non-fashion friends may think we’re being subversive in these stocky-soled kicks, but we dig that. Nothing’s better than going against the grain. Plus, there’s something so unexpectedly cool about these Fendi mules. 

Fendi Spiked Heel Pilifonia Mule, $690, available at Barneys New York.


Mom Jeans
Mom jeans may not have the best reputation when it comes to fit, but you know what? We don’t care. Fashion rules are meant to be broken. And, in a sea of skinnies, you’ll stand out in an instant with a style that’s slouchy, high-waisted, tapered, and usually acid-washed. 

Topshop Moto Indigo Acid Mom Jeans, $80, available at Topshop.


Leather Sweatpants
When we’re sick of our skintight pencil skirts and fitted tops, we immediately revert to the loungewear-in-public trend. And, yes, while we’re totally cool with a good pair of sporty, terrycloth sweats (cue: Alexander Wang), it’s those leather stunners that take the laid-back trend to a whole new territory. Now, this is how you wear your cozy, Sunday night favorites outside of the house. 

Haute Hippie Leather Sweatpants, $995, available at Saks Fifth Avenue.


Exaggerated Sneaker Shoes
Sure, we can’t get enough of our old-school Nikes, but every once in a while, we like to add a touch of baller weirdness to our feet. Enter the sneaker-hybrid kicks — the kind of sneakers, kind of wedges, kind of ankle-strap pumps that’ll turn the head of just about everyone you pass. 

Opening Ceremony High Top Buckle Sneakers, $330, available at Opening Ceremony.


Impractical Coats
Completely unwearable as winter outerwear, the impractical coat has very few buttons (and sometimes, like this Ellerly number, none!) and is made of something decidedly not warm like silk, so it doesn’t really serve any sort of functional purpose in daily life. Unless, of course, you’re like us and are perfectly okay with freezing to death while heading from the cab to the office. 

Ellery Printed Crown Derby Slim Coat, $1,460, available at Avenue 32.


Oversize Glasses
We’re pretty into oversize everything — sweaters, coats, and, most importantly, glasses. Because, really, bug eyes never looked so legit and smart. Whether you actually need specs to see or are just into that chill, hipster look, these frames are definitely out of sight.

Jeepers Peepers Vincent Tortise Clear Lens Glasses, $32.67, available at ASOS.

Photographed by Mark Iantosca.

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