Early Signs of Autism In Infants – Every Parent Should Notice

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Natasha is a one year healthy baby, but her parents are worried of her because she doesn’t take part in routine activities of a one year child such as mimicking, laughing at her parents, eye contact etc.

etc. even she doesn’t respond to her parents when they call her. They noticed that Natasha smile and laugh alone and rarely respond to other’s voices and noise. What is the reason or problem behind?

These are the signs of Autism. Any infant can prone to autism from his/her early childhood. It is the duty of parents to notice the early signs of autism in infants. Let me tell you briefly about autism.

Autism is a continuum of closely related disorders with a variety of shared symptoms. Autism disorders appear in infant or in early childhood. It can cause delays or deficiency in many basic areas specially the motor and cognitive skills of a child such as: learning, talking, playing and interaction with the outer world.The signs of autism vary from children to children. Some have mild signs of autism while others have more obstacles to overcome. However, it is very important for parents to realize and notice the early signs of autism in infants to overcome and handle the autism disorder or their autistic child.

There are three main early signs of autism in infants that very parent should notice:

– Problems in communication verbally and non-verbally

– Problem in relating to others and the outside world

– Thinking and behaving inflexibility

These three are the main and early signs of autism in infants. Infant autism can be overcome if early notice. If your child is not parting in every day routine, not playing, not responding to you and even show rare eye contact then it is infant autism. Don’t worry, autistic child can be handle and manage but with lots of patience, care and special therapies.  Beside all the early signs of autism in infants, being a parent it is your duty to notice and observe the sings of autism in your child. You know and observe your child better than anyone. So, observe every movement, quirk and activities of your child to overcome the infant autism. For this, first aware yourself about the autism, its early signs in infants and then the treatments and therapies.

For your knowledge and for those parents whose children are suffering from infant autism, here are some early signs of autism in infants and toddlers. Read them carefully before examine your child.

After going through with this, you can enough aware of the infant autism and early signs of autism in infants.

Early signs of autism in infants:

– Rare eye contact

– Doesn’t smile when you smiled at

– Doesn’t make noises to get your attention

– Doesn’t initiate and respond to cuddling

– Doesn’t follow objects visually

– Doesn’t respond to his/her name and to the familiar sounds

– Doesn’t use gestures to communicate or point out things around him/her

– Doesn’t imitate your facial expressions and actions

– Doesn’t play with other people or share interest and enjoyment

– Doesn’t make basic requests and ask for help

– Laugh and smile alone

These are some early signs of autism in infants. But don’t you worry. Being a parent you can do lots to overcome infant autism and make your child a normal and wise like others.
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