Gracie’s Amazing Adventures in YogaLand: Where Everything is Pink AND Perfect

Acharya Sri Khadi Madama

Acharya Sri Khadi Madama

Episode – 25

Before her very eyes, a pink tunnel opened up in the wall of Gracie’s room. Looking into it, Gracie could see that it was a winding pink tunnel of foggy haze. It wasn’t long before Gracie began to feel the X-17 accelerate in vibrational velocity and then in an instant, the X-17, along with its running lights and Gracie on top, was gone, disappeared down the pink time tunnel like a flash. When Gracie emerged from the tunnel a vew moments later she was once again covered in pink glitter like she was the first time she saw the glitter on the sidewalk near the alley where the yoga studio was located. Feeling a little woozy, it was Musika, jumping onto her head, then hanging down over her forehead upside down to look her in the eyes to assure her that she was safe and sound and had survived her first landing into Yoga*Land. As her eyes came into focus, Gracie could see that everything in Yoga*Land was pink. Although she could discern that there certainly were shades of pink. She had no idea that there could be this many variations of pink. It was most deffinately a happy looking place. There were buildings and trees and clouds in the sky and cars and just about anything else that anyone could imagine, except that they were all one shade of pink or another. Gracie recognized the jolly sound of Ganesha’s laugh. Carefully stepping down off of the X-17, which was floating mid-air about a foot above the ground with it’s running lights still shining, she stood to present herself in front of the elephant headed and kind Lord Ganesha, who welcomed her to Yoga*Land with “Namaste Gracie Ji”, his six arms all joined together in the Pronam position. Gracie responded with a slight bow and asked what those words meant. “Basically Namaste means that my inner being is bowing humbly to your inner being. The word Ji, is added to show more respect”, Ganesha explained. “These words are used to greet each other here in Yoga*Land and should be used when addressing those on the Sadhana, or Yoga Path even when one is not in Yoga*Land”. “Then, Namaste Ganesha Ji to you, Gracie replied, placing her hands in the Pronam position also.

“I have brought you here today because it is time for you to pick out your house so that when you are here, you have your own place to live”, Ganesha told her. “We’ll just hop back onto the X-17 and fly on over to the Yoga*Land Catalog Shoppe so that you can pick one out”. When the very plump Ganesha leaped onto the X-17, his great round body cause it to rock back and forth so much that Gracie thought they would tip right off, but Ganesha assured her that no one ever fell off of fully Vashtu-ed Yoga mats. At least there is nothing in the history of Yoga*Land to suggest that such an event had every happened.

To be continued . . . !

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