Music Review: Turning 30!!!

EXPECTATIONS One has zilch expectations from the music of Turning 30. After all Bollywood has not quite been known for churning out chic flicks (Aisha was the last – and perhaps the only to arrive) and hence one is never too sure about what to expect from the music. One does pick up the album reluctantly and does feel that there may be something worthwhile in the offing after all due to Siddhartth-Suhas being the composer duo. The apprehensions still stay on though.

MUSIC As expected, the album opens with the title track ‘Turning 30’ which is set in a style similar to that of Hollywood chic flicks. A Hinglish track, ‘Turning 30’ has a Western base to it and retains its peppy flavour from start till end. Still, one expected a little more energy in the opening track of the album but that is surprisingly missing in ‘Turning 30’ which is sung by Aditi Singh Sharma with lyrics by Suhaas Shetty. However, the complaint around energy disappears once the ‘remix version’ arrives later in the album. Added beats with far aggressive arrangements bring a foot tapping appeal to this song which suddenly starts sounding far-far better than the original version. What follows next is a complete surprise with ‘My Kajra’ being the kind of track that could have been merrily picked up by any top film maker for his/her commercial entertainer. Carrying an urban sound to it with newcomers Saptak and Reecha turning on the heat, ‘My Kajra’ is an instantly appealing track that has all the ingredients required to make it a chartbuster. All one looks forward to now in this Kumaar written track is some good picturisation and aggressive promotion that should make ‘My Kajra’ sit at the top of the charts. The ‘remix version’ is an added bonus which should make it a hot track in discs and clubs. There is a ‘thehrav’ that comes in the album with ‘Tinka Tinka’ coming next. Sung by Hamza Faruqui, ‘Tinka Tinka’ is a fusion number which is one of the better compositions that Siddhartth-Suhas have created in the last half a decade or so that they have been in the industry. Written by Ram Goutam, ‘Tinka Tinka’ is a good ear pleasing track which isn’t the kind that one sings along loud but is happy to listen to multiple times. Yet another good track, it makes one eager to check out what next is in the offing. This time around it’s the turn of a situational number to follow next in the form of ‘Will You Marry Me’. Composed in a style similar to that of Hollywood musicals of the 60s where the lead couple sing in the manner of a conversation, ‘Will You Marry Me’ is a ‘bring-on-a-smile’ song with a classy appeal to it. Written by Prashant Pandey, the song is an entirely different take for rock artist Suraj Jagan who actually goes totally sombre this time around. This song (with backup vocals by Subhash Pradhan) has a newcomer singer Aparna Dauria coming behind the mike and she does a rather good job for a song like this which belongs to a genre which hasn’t really been explored in Bollywood much. Suhaas Shetty comes behind the mike for the last song in the album, ‘Sapney’. Yet another track with a classy feel to it, this one has Suhaas singing in a manner similar to that of Mohit Chauhan. In fact credit it to the genre of this song that one senses a similarity in style of rendition here. Written by Kumaar, ‘Sapney’ is a beautiful sounding number as well which just has a guitar and some intermittent beats accompanying Suhaas who does a rather good job in making ‘Sapney’ a nice finale track in ‘Turning 30’.

OVERALL Turning 30 throws a pleasant surprise. While one didn’t carry any expectations whatsoever from this soundtrack, it turns out to be a rather lively affair where ‘My Kajra’ is a chartbuster waiting to happen with rest of the songs also coming together well to lend ‘Turning 30’ a fee of totality. Any hitch? The film has a first time director on board, Gul Panag is the only known face amongst the ‘chics’ and also there is competition from numerous other soundtracks releasing around Turning 30. Due to these reasons, the music has a long road ahead to create any visibility for itself. This effort would require an aggressive promotion to make any impression whatsoever at the stands.

OUR PICK(S) My Kajra, Turning 30 (remix)

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